Friday, January 7, 2011

THE Trip, Organ Mountains and The Wind Mill, Las Cruces New Mexico

Copyright 2011, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

The love affair with the Organ Mountains continues.  The first photo was taken New Years Day, yes, that is snow on the mountain, and in fact, the section of the mountains with the "organ pipes", on the far left of this photo, are encased in clouds and cannot be seen.

This next photo was taken on the road that will take you to Dripping Springs.  Gene and Daisy heard I was in search of photos of the mountains without all those annoying poles and wires and signs and took us for a drive.  It was fab!!

Here is a closer shot of just the "organ pipes":

And, Man took an overall shot, with that panoramic feature on the Sony.  To get the full effect, you must click on the photo and then click your back button to return here to Reflections:

A bit down the road we stopped to take photos of this old windmill. 

It was on this windmill that I got the photos posted over at Reflection's Flora and Fauna of, - - - - - - well, sneak over and have a look, Man and I just LOVE that last photo!  LOL

And here is the windmill with the Organ Mountains in the background.

I know, I have been taking a lot of photos of these mountains, and we hope to see a whole lot more, bigger and better, MORE MORE MORE, before THE trip is over. Heaven help us all, I wonder how many photos this Sony is good for?  LOL

* A HUGE thank you to Gene and Daisy, we had a wonderful afternoon, and no annoying poles and wires and signs!!



IrishEyesJG said...

Oh Beautiful, Gorgeous! I wish there was a more fitting adjective to describe these shots. Thank you Carol and Man for sharing them with us. Hope you're enjoying your trip. Cheers! Jennifer

Nita said...

Wow!! Those mountains are so beautiful! Can't wait to see them, while on our trek west in just a few days!! Looks like we are going to like New Mexico! It is really beautiful! Thanks Carol for sharing!

PalmsRV said...

Carol, you sound just like Jim (Palms-Americana) with the telephone poles. Love the pictures. One of these days we'll be looking for those beautiful views, too.


Nolichucky Roots said...

Thank you for my first full smile of two days! Another pick your adjective post.

Michelle Goodrum said...

You can tell Man that his panoranic picture is incredible.

On The Road Again...

Greta Koehl said...

It has been so long since I've been out west that I had forgotten how beautiful it can be. Thanks for posting these!