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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

To Captcha or Not to Captcha, Tuesday's Tip

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A Captcha sample
 One can never be too safe in our wide world of Internet. One of the “protections” that many bloggers use is Captcha, you know, where you have to read and type all those crazy words, sometimes in combination with numbers. Oh, yea, Captcha is soooo much fun. NOT!

Well, did you know if you have your blog set up for comment moderation, where all comments MUST be approved by you before they are posted, you really don’t need Captcha?? Really.

I have my blog set up so that your comments MUST be approved by me before they will publish.

Here is how this works, you leave a comment, Blogger emails the full comment to me and asks if I want to publish, or not.

Above, a sample of part of an email notifying me there is a new comment on the blog waiting for moderation/permission. 

If you have left a nice message, I gladly approve by saying PUBLISH, and zip, quick, there ya go, you are published and you did NOT need to type in all those funny words and numbers.

If I agree to "publish" a comment, next a new page
 will open notifying me the comment was indeed published. 
And, here is how simple this is to do in Blogger.

1.)  Go to Settings

2.)  Go to Comments

3.)  Find area titled, "Comment Moderation", toggle ALWAYS and type in the email addy you want to use for receiving notifications.  Suggest choosing a addy that you check frequently.

4.) Skim down the page to where it says:  "Show Word Verification" and toggle to NO.

4.)  Save Settings.

Now, good readers, friends and bloggers, do what makes you comfortable. If disabling Captcha takes you out of your comfort zone, then, leave Captcha. But, if you feel a bit adventuresome, try comment moderation with all comments emailed to you for authorization. Your readers may appreciate it. I know several of mine do.

Captcha or not to Captcha, that is your decision.  Remember, you can change this back and forth. Try it one way, no likea, change it back.


Amanda said...

I have Captcha turned off, and I only moderate comments on posts that are older than 14 days (because the blog home page shows 14 days worth of posts). My personal opinion is that both Captcha and moderation discourage comments and discussion, and on one of the blogs I administer (a university library blog), we WANT to encourage feedback! You can always delete an inappropriate comment. Also, we've found that Blogger's spam inbox works well for us. To each his own, though.

Barbara Poole said...

I also have Captcha turned off. My eyesight is so bad that I often can't even read the word verifications...so I don't even deal with them.

Glad you posted this, and I hope more will turn off the Captcha, it especially helps those with bad eyesight.

Carol said...

Thank you Amanda for another view on this subject. I don't particularly care for comment moderation either, but, when porno sites start using my comments to direct my readers to their trash, I can almost love comment moderation.

The trouble (for me) comes when I cannot monitor my blog for hours or maybe days. I may not have any idea the porno kings and queens have been there.

Plus, I have been known to miss reading a comment because, I simply did not check the individual post (usually when I have a senior moment! LOL). If my readers take the time to write a comment, I want to honor that effort by at least reading the comment. I find it difficult to monitor 14 days worth of comments daily.

At least if Captcha is turned off, and moderation is on, my readers/commenters only have to type their message and click Post Comment, I do all the rest of the work and I DO READ all the comments this way.

I love that we have all these choices, and can find the combination that works best for our individual comfort levels!

Jenn said...

I don't use Captcha, but I do have comment moderation turned on - for a very selfish reason: I'll (unintentionally!) ignore comments posted otherwise!

Anonymous said...

I've disabled CAPTCHA in my journal. Anonymous comments are screened until I unscreen them. I get emails for any comments made.

And all commenters' IP addresses are logged. You don't have to have an anonymous commenter to have a spammer, porn bot, or just a plain troll.

Michelle Goodrum said...

Hmmm. I hadn't thought about it that way. Since I'm feeling somewhat adventuresome - Captcha is now off. I guess it is rather redundant when you have comment moderation on. Thanks!

PS Safe travels. Don't get lost in the desert! LOL
Seriously-make sure you always have water with you.

Joan said...

Carol, thanks for this post. I hate the time the captcha takes and glad to know there is another (hmmm more than one)way handle the comments, captcha, moderation, etc.

Debbie Blanton McCoy said...

Well, I guess I'm the only one, but I use both. I like receiving an email as soon as someone leaves a comment and without the Captcha turned on, I was receiving lots of emails for spam comments. I received several a day and even after turning on the Captcha, I still received a few until Blogger started using their new spam control.

Susan Clark said...

I've used Captcha because I simply didn't want to deal with the spammers. But I do dislike it and frequently have trouble because of vision problems.

OK. I'll jump. But if the spam controls don't work it's going back on.