Thursday, January 27, 2011

Reflection's Awards Go To, The 2010 Annual iGene Awards,

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Jasia, of Creative Gene, is once again hosting The Annual iGene Awards at the 102 Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy;  Thank you to Jasia for hosting.  The challenge reads:

Announce your best blog posts from  2010 in the following 5 categories: Best Picture (that would be a photograph), Best Screen Play (story you would make into a movie including the cast), Best Documentary (investigative research), Best Biography, Best Comedy.

Here in the desert we have green RV carpets
and lots and lots of sand and stone!
No red carpets out here in the wild wild west BLM desert lands somewhere north of Quartzsite Arizona, only RV mats, sand and rocks.  No formal clothing, jeans and sweat shirts are the norm here.  Our candle light meals are enjoyed around the campfire, and our cuisine is more likely to be pot luck dinners instead of some catered affair.  But, thanks to the technology of air cards and satellites and Google, Reflections is still pleased to be able to participate in all the pomp and circumstance of the Annual iGene Awards!

So, the nominees and winners in each catagory are:

Best Picture, one nominee, one winner, from the post, The Wedding Photos, this photo of the bride and groom,

Best Biography, the nominees are:

A three part series, Maud Lashbrook, the China Painter, Her Story & Vanity SetMaud Lashbrook, the China Painter, 1932 Interview, and THE Trip, A Visit to the World Organization of China Painters.

Also a three part series for the 100th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy, Archie, What Tangled Webs You Wove, Time and Time Again, The Beginning, Archie, What Tangled Webs You Wove, Time and Time Again, The Middle, and Archie, What Tangled Webs You Wove, Time and Time Again, The Finale.

A biography, of a different kind, a two part series, Sapper Percy Fenton, CoAAG 3nd Edition, and Sapper Percy Fenton, CoAAG 3nd Edition.

And, the winner of the Best Biography is, the 3 part series on Archie!

Best Screen Play, the nomination and the winner is another multi part post (only 2 parts this time), already a winner according to Randy Seaver, of Genea-Musings.  Thanks again Randy. Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Wild and Crazy - House Hunt, and Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Wild and Crazy - House Hunt - The REST of the Story.

Now here is where the readers get to have their say, what actors should play the part of Nancy, Moi, and that dude in the truck who was staring at my camera???  Leave all suggestions in the comments of this post!  No captcha here on Reflections, so feel free to post away!)

Best Documentary, the nomination and winner is

The Governor and The Gravedigger, written for Graveyard Rabbits Carnival for September 2010.

Best Comedy, the nominations are:

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - A Prolific Dad, Well, Maybe - - -, the story is so absurd it just has to be funny and Dead Eye & Knockin' Knees, funny or scary, ok, lets go with funny.

And, the winner is the Prolific Dad post.


Congratulations to the winners and the participants in each category.

Now, if you will excuse me, Man and I have some more flea markets to visit here in Quartzsite.  I am in search of out of the ordinary subjects to photograph, and believe me, there is NO shortage of those here.  "Q", as we call it, is a magnet for the unusual.



Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

Carol! This is so great! Beautiful job on this COG entry. I'm not finished yet but I just read both parts of your SNGF which I somehow missed the first time around and I must say that, even though it used up all my morning blog reading time, it was the most fun blog reading I have experienced in a while! I was transfixed! Great story and I'm so glad it did not end in frustration and no photo! Now, I guess I will extend my reading time and go read some more of your goodies!

Barbara Poole said...

I enjoyed your iGene Awards, most I remember, so I'm getting a second chuckle. Thanks Carol.

Joan said...

Carol, Read'em all. Had a rip'roarin' good time. I had missed a number of your post during my 6 months of transcribing and transcribing and transcribing. So glad I have the opportunity to catch up. Very enjoyable.

Nolichucky Roots said...

Standing ovation for all these fabulous productions! Hard to pick a favorite but I did love your house hunt - and your Governor & Gravedigger - and Maud... Good thing there were so many categories!

Kristin said...

Loved the house hunt!