Sunday, January 23, 2011

THE Trip, Tombstone Arizona, Home of The OK Corral and Shoot Em Ups, Part 1

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We met up with fellow MOCers, Nita and Al in Tombstone.  We stayed at the Wells Fargo RV Park in downtown Tombstone.  The sites are a bit narrow, we were parked door to door, which normally Man and I do not care for, but, when you are with friends, it is kinda nice.  The staff and owners were extremely nice and accommodating, helped direct you into your parking space, gave us great hints for what to see and do in the area (other than the obvious shoot out and Boot Hill cemetery.)  The best part is the park is literally one block from the action, you leave your trailer, walk a block, and you are in the old historic part of town.

While we were there we ate in several of the restaurants, visited the museum in the old Tombstone courthouse, the Bird Cage Theatre of Tombstone, sat in on the historama show, and of course, attended the reinactment of the shootout between the Earps and the cowboys Clanton and McLaury at the OK Corral.

OK, I just love this sign, and that is about all I am going to say about it - -

Found in the Tombstone Courthouse museum:

And, it says:

Dr. Geo. E. Goodfellow

Q:  Have you examined the body of the deceased.

A:  I have

Q:  Make any statement to the Jury with reference to the cause of death of the deceased.

A:  I find that the deceased died of emphysima of the lungs which might have been caused by strangulation , self inflicted or otherwise.

Dr. George E. Goodfellow, County Physician

Also from the Tombstone Courthouse, you need a safe in the old west, they have one.

There was silver in them thar hills, where there are miners, there are men and tools to process them.  (I won't even try to explain all this silver stuff, if interested you might try to Google "silver assay".

And, behind the courthouse:

And, you know that if you are in a western town, one with this kind of reputation, there just have to be a few bars around, who are those cowboys and cowgirls??  (Answer, from left:  Man, Al, Nita, Moi)

*By the way, Nita has done a wonderful blog post about Tombstone as well.

** All you cowboys and cowgirls, don't get off your horses yet, more to come on the visit to Tombstone, come on back, ya all!


Barbara Poole said...

Love your last clever shot. I need to remember that. Enjoying your trip on my cold day, your posts warm me up.

Karen said...

You see the most interesting things... thanks for allowing the "tagalongs" on your trip! Love the sign for the cowboys... lol