Monday, January 31, 2011

THE Trip, Rock and Mineral Show, Quartzsite, Arizona

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They have several large rock and mineral shows here in Quartzsite, they are serious about their rocks and minerals.  We enjoyed walking around and looking at all the different kinds, and the amounts of rocks and minerals, LOTS and LOTS of rocks and minerals.

They have barrels of rocks,

And, dish pans full of wet rocks (my guess to show off the color of them), these were sitting on a table, with a LOT more dish pans than are shown here:

Then there is this wire cage contraption, filled with large stones, and a dish pan on the top, with the water, showing off the colors.

Tables and tables, and MORE tables, full of rocks and minerals, and this show covers blocks and blocks, tent after tent, do you get the idea it is big?? OK, now, make it 10 times as big as you think, you might be getting close now.  I cannot describe HOW large it really is.

Look at the size of these, 3 to 4 foot tall, and mmmm, PURPLE!!!  on the inside, what's not to love, eh??

Man and I could not figure how all these rocks and minerals would ever be sold. Gotta say, it was sure was something to see.



Nita said...

My Dad would have loved this! He was a rock collector. I have no real interest in them, though some are very pretty.

Anonymous said...

Lovely amethysts! My other half is at the Tucson Gem Show just now - maybe he'll bring something sparkly back ;-) Jo

Michelle Goodrum said...

I want to go! Love the 4 foot tall sparkly geodes(?)