Monday, January 31, 2011

THE Trip, The Rigs of Quartzsite, Arizona

Copyright 2011, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

We got RIGS!!

We got motorhomes of all sizes and makes. We got travel trailers, all sizes and makes.  We got 5th wheels, all sizes and makes.  We got toy haulers, all sizes and makes.  And, we got:

The other side:

Isn't that just the cutest paint job?? Not sure how warm you could stay in there, but, the outside is artsy and creative.  Was camping just down the road from us on BLM land. 

I spotted this in town:

Seems this ole bus IS an active business, even tho it was parked in a parking lot, saw a young lady leaving the bus with a tray of coffee and goodies, and the most delectable aroma was detected, MMMM.

Yes, this fellow with a very strong wry sense of humor IS boondocking, despite what looks like full hookups. I have heard he can play poker (face) quite well, as other RVers stop and ask how deep he had to drill to get water and where the power comes from!

A bus of a different kind:

Here is a panaramic Man took of part of the Montana circle, this would print to about 25 inches, so, needless to say, you might want to consider clicking on this image for a larger view, then, click your back button to return here to Reflections.  (I ran a test on this photo with Google Chrome AND IE and neither did it justice, SIGHH, sorry.  With  IE however, I could increase the size of the page to 125% and it was somewhat better.)

Looking at the backs of the rigs in a circle:

Yep, if you stick around and drive around enough at Quartzsite, you will see some very interesting rigs, from tents that cost $50.00  to motorhomes that cost many times that.  You can park for 14 days on BLM land for free, tote your water in, tote your waste out, supply your own power as required, by generator or solar panels.  You can park in town for $7.00 a day in a boondocking type set up, and be very close to the action. And, there are commercial campgrounds there as well.  Pick your poison, errr, camping style of choice.

* Might want to drop in over at Al and Nita's Travels, she has some other photos of the circle, from atop their rig.  I don't do ladders or roofs of rigs, and I did not think to ask Man.



Nolichucky Roots said...

You must have seen so many different rigs. The mini makes my heart go pitter patter, but can't see fitting two very full grown adults and dogs in there. Love the picture, though.

GrannyPam said...

Ya, I've seen that electrical/water hookup before. Somewhere, a practical joker is making some cash selling them other practical jokers..

Joan said...

keep the pics acomin'

Greta Koehl said...

I love the little one, too.

Apple said...

Love the Scotty paint job! Thanks for the bus pics too. We actually thought about a bus conversion but decided to buy this place instead.