Wednesday, January 5, 2011

THE Trip, Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park, Mesilla New Mexico

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Man and I have been trying to get out and get a little exercise after all that icky time.  You know how it is, get the ickies, lay around, feel better, but weak from the lack of exercise.  So, a few days ago, we headed out to Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park which is only a few miles from the campground.  It was a pleasant day, and the forecast for the next few days was cold and wet.  Now was the time to get out and take a short hike, before the inclement weather arrived.

Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park is very new, but offers a .5 mile walk (one way) on what they call a Resaca Trail, and another .5 mile walk (one way) on the Upland Trail.  You can walk one way on the Resaca, then go back to the Visitor's Center by walking on the Upland Trail, or do the Upland first, and return via the Resaca.

We chose to take the Upland to the Resaca.  This choice worked well for us, as the Upland Trail has soft sand, and you walk up hill, so, there is some exercise.  The Resaca Trail was harder ground, and flat.  So, we pushed a little, then had a leisurely walk back.

One of the first things we spied on the Upland Trail was tumbleweed, a LOT of it, and Man found this one to show me:

Mother Nature provides new and interesting things for us to experience.  These "hills" were not that large, maybe 20 to 40 feet tall, but, the shapes left by Mother Nature are artistic, and you know I had to have a photo.  These were actually "off" the property and we could not go closer to inspect them.

At the end of the Upland Trail where it meets the Resaca Trail, there is an area of constructed wetlands.  They were built in about 2002 to replace some wetlands that would be filled in when the Visitors Center was built.  Looks like the new constructed wetlands are to someone's likings, that itsy bitsy black spot in the water is an American coot.

He was so far away even with the 20 zoom on the Sony I could not get a decent photo of him.

There were benches here, we sat and enjoyed the sun, the American coon, the reflections.

Almost at the end of our walk, I did it again, another photo of the Organ Mountains.  You can see, we are quite a bit further west of them.

The Rio Grande River runs through this area.  During the winter the water flow is restricted, here is what it looks like.  A nice volunteer at the park told us that in the summer the river fills the banks and is about 5 foot deep.

We walked a mile, enjoyed the fresh air, the sun, the dessert, the Rio Grande River and the Organ Mountains.         Not bad for a couple of hours on a late December afternoon.


Barbara Poole said...

Nice shots, still lots of beige, but Al brightens things up. Can see how the Organ Mts. gets it name, and I liked seeing the river always causes so much damage during floods. Thanks Carol.

Karen said...

What beautiful scenery - those "hills" are particularly interesting!

Nolichucky Roots said...

You're going to be dreaming of and seeing those mountains in your mind for many years to come, Carol. As will I. Gorgeous photos.