Wednesday, January 26, 2011

THE Trip, Coronado National Forest

Copyright 2011, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

After our visit to Boothill Grave Yard, Man and I, Al and Nita went for a ride, into the Coronado National Forest.  What we thought was a short 10 mile trip turned out to be, well, a bit further. Al and Nita drove, so, Man and I don't have an odometer reading, but, it was a bit more of a trip than we bargained for.  It was so much fun!

It was all of the 10 miles to get to the park area, and then, it was another 7 to 10 miles to the top. Well, not the top, but where we turned and made the descent back towards Tombstone, sorta.  Sorta, because we came out on the other side of the mountains and then had to drive a LOT more miles to return to Tombstone.  (Can you guess by now, that we did not have the best map??  No kiddin!  LOL)  We were driving on Middlemarch Road.   I believe I have re-created the route on Microsoft Streets and Trips, here it is:

One of the views from on our way up - -

Yes, here was snow up there.  Here is a view from close to the top.  Not bad, eh??

On the way down we spied this sign, don't cha love it??

After chatting with a very nice representative of the US Border Patrol we got on the correct roads back to Tombstone.  We were in an area known for it's Ghost Towns.  Along one of the roads we saw several abandoned and falling down strucures, somehow eerie, but beautiful.

Thanks to Al and Nita for driving, and all the laughs and fun on the way to the park, into the park, to the top (sorta), on the way down and all the way home.

*If I have the route correct, our 10 mile one way trip was about 57 miles round trip.  Ooops!



Heather Rojo said...

Love that photo of Searleville! You must have had a fun day. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

Barbara Poole said...

So the dogs out number people, interesting. As always, nice photos and text.

Greta Koehl said...

I could so live in a place with 12 people and 18 dogs (well, and for me there would be 3 cats, too).

Nita said...

That was a very fun day indeed! Long drive, but we sure did have some spectacular views!! Loved seeing the snow, too! A great day spent with really nice people!!!