Monday, December 20, 2010

Lost Cousins on Madness Monday

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I saw this idea months ago on Long Lost  I thought it was a great idea, but had to build up my nerve to try it.   Now, with bated breath, I am going to put this out there, first cousins should know each other, right??

Man's father had 2 brothers, one died without issue, the other, George Elmer Stevens had 2 children with his wife Irene Zsenyuk.  George and Irene were divorced.  George has passed.

George and Irene's children are JoAnn Kay Stevens, born ca 1952 in Michigan and Walter John Stevens, born ca 1953 in Michigan.

JoAnn and Walter are Man's first cousins.

According to George, he last saw JoAnn & Walter in West Covina, CA in the 1960's.

That is about all we know.

I attempted contact by sending the Social Security Administration a letter a few years ago.  Supposedly the Administration will forward the letter to your relative, if they know where they are.  I never heard a word from either JoAnn or Walter.

JoAnn and Walter, your first cousin is looking for you.

*Graphic courtesy of VintageKin


lindalee said...

You're right....this is a GOOD idea. I need to give it a swing....and I will know you when we pass on the

Anonymous said...

I hope you find them.

Greta Koehl said...

I should do this, too. Heck, if I can get up the nerve to write a "cold" e-mail to people I've never met and call them cousins, I guess I can do this, too.

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed that Man's cousins Google their own names one day soon :-) Jo