Friday, December 24, 2010

Sharing a Slice of Life, Traditions

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I have been a bit busy lately (or fighting the ickies) and have not participated in Sharing a Slice of Life in quite a while, I am sorry to the organizers and I have missed participating.  SOOOO:

Sharing a Slice of Life, asks this week for us to share Traditions of the season, and we all know one tradition that almost all of us share at this time of the year is FOOD!!


Traditions are important, they ground us, keeping the past and the future connected.

But traditions should be allowed to change, and sometimes the change will become a new tradition.

Years ago in our home a tradition of a meal cooked on Christmas Day, turkey perhaps, with all the trimmings, came to an abrupt halt. We had two young sons, energetic little dudes. By the time Christmas day came along I was usually exhausted, this year, was the same. However, the 26th of December dawned and I was sick, really sick. I just wanted to lie on the couch and suffer, and sleep, and suffer some more. I told Man, do not talk to me, pretend I no longer exist (I mean, that was the way I felt, as if I was no longer part of this world). I vowed right then and there, if I ever recovered, there would never be another meal cooked and served hot in my house again on any future Christmas day.

I know, I can hear some of you really groaning and moaning, and the gasps of disbelief. How can one possibly celebrate Christmas day without a traditional hot meal. Easy, you prepare it all in the day or so before and it must all be special and served cold, right out of the frig. Our menus consisted of boiled shrimp (3 pounds or more), a smoked turkey, a spiral cut honey baked ham, deviled eggs, cucumber sandwiches, Man’s mother’s to-die-for-and-no-one-can-prepare-it-like-she-did potato salad, special cheeses, fresh vegie trays with dip(s), and of course, holiday cookies and one of our family favorites, cheesecake made from my mother’s recipe.

We may not have had hot food, but, we had a feast! We nibbled all day long, of course, it took us all day long to open all our gifts too.

Traditions, great links to our future and our past, but, don’t be afraid to change one or two now and then, you may find a new and improved tradition to enjoy. And, of course, don’t be afraid to try, discard and go right back to the traditions that you hold dear.

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lindalee said...

I have tried to change the traditional Christmas dinner over the years.....did a standing rib roast....T bone you see a new trend toward beef here.....none worked! Turkey and all the trimmings seem to reign supreme at Flipsides house and will forever and ever.

Apple said...

A feast is a feast! I'd say you tweaked your tradition rather than changed it. The pressure of the meal was always what I hated most about Christmas. Wish you could have shared this with me 25 years ago!

A Very Merry Christmas to you and Man!

Greta Koehl said...

Hah! I love your new tradition. We could so get into that. Our real "feast" is on Christmas Eve (Holy Supper), and my husband prepares that. Meanwhile, for the previous few days, I do the baking. Then, on Christmas day, husband makes a dish or two from the Williamsburg Cookbook, and the rest is leftovers from Holy Supper and all the baked stuff. And we nibble and open gifts all day long, too!

Nita said...

Our traditions have changed over the years as well. When our kids got married and added to their families, not only their kids, but their spouses families, we had to become more flexible. Now, we are on the road and are here in TX at my son's house. Christmas Eve dinner tonight with about 20 people. Tomorrow is more relaxing day. Breakfast together exchanging gifts and then left overs from the night before. New Traditions!

Barbara Poole said...

Carol, I think preparing for a cold meal is a bit different than having a hot meal that goes cold. Your way is the better, and everybody can munch whenever. Sounds good plan to me. I hope you enjoy your Christmas meal in Las Cruses, now that is a change!

Texasblu said...

Lovely! We always did the big Christmas dinners until we moved to Idaho, and I realized *I* would be the only one preparing it. We've simplified quite a bit, but ultimately I want to start buying Christmas dinner from Albertsons or some such store. I like visiting too much. ;)

Great to have you back this week!