Monday, December 6, 2010

Ancestor Approved Award, Thanks Travis

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The Ancestor Approved Award is making the rounds again, and Travis LeMaster of TJLGenes: Preserving Our Family History, has bestowed same on Moi and Reflections.  Many thanks.

I was also honored to receive this award back in April of 2010, and, I know you will all forgive me for using my same 10 things I have learned from my ancestors that surprised me as I used back then, because they still surprise me!  LOL

As a recipient of this award, I am to list 10 things I have learned about my ancestors that have surprised, humbled or enlightened me - - - -

  1. Some of the family secrets I learned about my ancestors gave me insight to emotional issues.  Family secrets are not always a good thing.
  2. My ancestor, Solomon B. Eley was at Appomattox on the day of surrender.  He died in 1871, most likely from the effects of illnesses he contracted during the Civil War.
  3. That an ancestor, who shall remain nameless here on Reflections, may have been a member of the KKK, no proof, just family stories/secrets.  Maybe that was a family secret that was best buried, it sure is not one I am totally comfortable with, and that is why said ancestor is remaining nameless.
  4. Man's grandfather, changed his name.  Seems this changing names and disappearing into the wild blue yonder was rather a common occurance back in the early 1900's.  Pre-social security number days.
  5. Family members living today do not always know that Gramma "X" had 3 other children who died as infants.  Maybe it was just too painful to share that loss with her other children and/or grandchildren.
  6. They either moved a LOT, or NOT.  When they did move, frequently they moved as extended families.  I can trace the Lashbrook clan from England to New York, they lived there for over 10 years, several of the youngsters, were married there.  They move again, en masse, to Illinois, father, mother, children, spouses of children, grandchildren, sometimes even the in-laws.  It was a huge clue when they moved to Iowa and beyond, remembering the "mass" movements has let me knock down a number of brick walls.  The NOT moving is somewhat easier, but tends to result in 2nd cousins marrying 2nd cousins!  LOL
  7. I am constantly in awe of ancestors that got on VERY slow moving boats and left their families behind and traveled thousands of miles to a new country in search of better lives.  I know how tired I am traveling via a plane to Europe, for example.  Can you imagine a trip that took weeks?  On a boat, many times as a passenger who was not much more than balast?  Imagine leaving your parents and/or siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and knowing that you will never see them again in your lifetime.  Letters and photos will have to do. And before photos, just letters, thank you.
  8. That a distant cousin was the first wife of JC Penney, ya, him!  Her tragic death from pneumonia was before the discovery of Penicillin.
  9. My great grandparents had the same great grandparents, see number 6 above.
  10. That ANY of my vital records in Hardy County West Virginia were recorded.  After I drove that cove I realized just how far the homesite was from the county courthouse! Takes several hours to drive with improved roads, how DID they do it in buggies and dirt mud roads?
Thanks again Travis,



Barbara Poole said...

Congratulations Carol. I remember your #2 and of us discussing #4. Travis is such a nice person. Oh, and regarding the numbers, somebody does that to me a lot!

Linda McCauley said...

Congratulations, again.

Travis LeMaster said...

You're most welcome! Enjoy reading your posts and your sense of humor.