Tuesday, December 14, 2010

THE Trip, Guadalupe Mountains and El Capitan.

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(Warning, this blog is a bit graphic heavy, I hope you will stick around and enjoy the view.)

It was time to leave Carlsbad New Mexico behind and head west once again.  We headed south west out of Carlsbad on 62/180 which takes you right past the Guadalupe Mountains National Park and the stunning El Capitan (at a height of 8085 feet, you certainly cannot miss it!)  I practiced 60 MPH photo taking, a LOT!!  What with the photos we took while we made our too short visit, I had a lot of photos, around 160 of them.  What can I say, other than we just love taking photos of nature, and this was pretty good nature. 

Approaching from the northeast, driving southwest.

Panoramic, Man playing with more goodies on the Sony camera.
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We had actually contemplated staying at the Guadalupe Mountains National Park in the campground there, boon docking with the assistance of the new generator.  But, due to weather predictions, we heard of really strong winds, restrictions in place to protect pets from warm weather and idiot owners (who leave pets in vehicles with windows up on 90 degree days), and Man's continuing ickies, we decided to head on down the hard road after our visit.

A view of El Capitan as we head further southwest,
stunning from any direction.

We passed through Salt Flat as we continued on 62/180 towards El Paso, Texas.  A google search on the area found this interesting web page, lots of photos and history. 

Salt Lake area, do visit the web page indicated above,
fascinating stuff and much better photos, which were not
 done at 60 MPH out of Big Butt's front window.  LOL

We jumped on I 10 and headed towards New Mexico again.  Our day ended with about 210 miles driven by the time we arrived in Las Cruces New Mexico.


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Don't you just LOVE those blue skies? Gorgeous.