Sunday, December 5, 2010

THE Trip, Dallas/Fort Worth, Family, Friends, Music, Laughter, & Lights

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(Before we begin, my apologies for the length of this post, it is my lame method of trying to catch up a bit on all we have been doing!  Lots of fun, lots of stuff to post.  WAHHOO)

On leaving Norman Oklahoma, we headed due south about 180 miles, give or take, via I 35 and stopped at Grapevine Texas at a very nice campground. Price, moderate. Scenery, excessive! I mean, how bad can it be, with a view of a marina, water, water birds, and, mmm, no trains. We did have some background sounds from the planes landing at Dallas/Fort Worth airport, not annoying. We had a great view of the take off or landing pattern, so watched the big boys arriving and departing, and the ole student pilot in me enjoyed that.

Vineyards, we will be back any time we visit Dallas/Fort Worth.

Campsite, see, a marina.

What's not to like, water, marina, planes in the landing pattern.
Ya gotta really look, but there is a plane up there, just right of center, top.

Some of our MOC friends, Coleen & Ray, were also camped at Vineyards, right in front of us. They were here to visit their new granddaughter, who, by the way, is, as my late daddy would say, “a keeper”. She sure is a cutie.

Upon arrival we got cleaned up, tossed on the best clothes we have with us and darted downtown Dallas to meet up with cousin Marilyn and her hubbie, Jack Ed. We were their guests at the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, to hear Michael W. Smith. We had a gourmet meal before the concert right there in the beautiful home of the symphony, the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center . It was a magical evening, thanks Marilyn and Jack Ed.  What a welcome to town!

In front of the gorgeous Christmas tree at the DOS.
Jack Ed, Marilyn, Moi & Man

Day 2 of our stay in Dallas/Fort Worth:

In the morning we sat around OUTSIDE (which translates to, moderate temperatures! Oh, Yea!) with Coleen and Ray, visiting, telling RV stories, comparing trips and travel plans for the winter.

That afternoon Man stayed at home with the fur kids, while I went to meet up with Debbie Blanton McCoy of Blanton Family Roots and Branches. Debbie and I had a couple of hours of sharing of genie stories, good and nightmarish, and quite a few laughs as well. Thanks Debbie for driving so far to meet with me. I so enjoyed our couple of hours.

After my visit with Debbie, back at the campground, Coleen, Ray, Man and I had a great time feeding the wildlife left over bread and taking photos.  Some of the photos are over at Reflection's Flora and Fauna.

Evening came along, and Coleen and Ray, Man and I drove over to Grapevine to see the holiday lights and computerized music show. We found a setting on the Sony camera, handheld twilight, which takes amazing photos at night with no tripod. The four of us walked around, laughing continuously while being constantly amazed at the photos this camera was taking.

Town gazebo, the lights turned colors
to the music.  Computerized I suspect,
well done, and really enjoyed by all 4 of us.

This very large tree sitting atop a toy drum also
was computerized to the holiday music.  It turned colors
and for some of the children's songs, the face
appeared.  The mouth went from the smiley face,
shown here, to a round "O".  Amazing how it really
looked like he was singing.  The 4 of us laughed and enjoyed.

We even caught Santa taking a nap, must
be he needs to rest up before the big night.

Day 3 of our stay in Dallas/Fort Worth:

Our last day in Dallas Fort Worth brought another quick visit to Dallas with Marilyn and Jack Ed, and then across the metroplex to Fort Worth to visit with cousins Roy and Theda. Both are having health issues and we were so pleased to spend a few hours with them.

We were certainly busy, but enjoyed every moment.

(Well, we enjoyed everything, EXCEPT that traffic thing, whew! I was glad we had two GPS units operating when we got turned around on that Bush turnpike, which by the way, really really confused both of our GPSs, or at least the routing part. I see the turnpike on Streets and Trips, NOW, after the fact. But at the time, well, trying to figure out where you are on the side of an expressway is, mmm, challenging, eh?? And how confusing is this toll thingy on the Bush turnpike?? Groan, guess we will see if you OCRed us and will you bill us??)



Greta Koehl said...

Now I really am jealous. Dallas is a (hope, hope) big research destination for me, and I know there's lots of other stuff to do there, too. Glad you are having a good time and able to take such wonderful pictures at night.

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Enjoyed your update. Deb & Ron

Becky said...

The night photos are amazing. Nice little camera, eh? Sounds like you're having a great time... and you've finally gotten into warmer weather!

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Great pics Carol. I wish I could have seen the lights. We might have to buzz over and check them out. But I hate Dallas traffic- it's a nightmare!!!

IrishEyesJG said...

Gorgeous night photos Carol! I love the gazebo. Cheers! Jennifer

Nolichucky Roots said...

Sounds wonderful - looks wonderful. Your pix are getting me in the spirit. Thanks!

Barbara Poole said...

The photos of the RV site and area look so inviting. The gazebo shot is beautiful. My cousin got married at the Meyerson Symphony Center shortly after it was built. Can't wait to tag along on the coming days.