Saturday, December 18, 2010

THE Trip, THE House and Her Hauling Machine

Copyright 2010, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

The cable internet in the campground is up and down, my air card is, mmmm, as slow as a tortoise and since someone we all know and love decided to sorta share his ickies with Carol, I am gonna have to take it slow for a few days.  Reader, Barbara, from Life From the Roots, and Jo from Images Past, both mentioned that they were interested in the photos I posted of Tana's interior my Home for the Holidays post.  So, takng a lead from their statements, here are some links and such to other posts and web pages that will show you more abut Tana (and her hauling maching Big Butt).

I have added a new photo to the top of my blog, Big Butt and Tana in the parking lot in Pecos, Texas.

Now, I know some of you don't like to click on other links and then have to come back to Reflections, but, you are going to have to, sorry.  LOL 

Over at Carol's Reflections From the Fence, and More you will find a number of pages about Tana and some of our other RV experiences.  This page, shows you what the "living room and dining room" looked like when we first purchased Tana, since then, we have added another small table that acts as a coffee table.  Have also taken one of the dining chairs out, replaced with an office type chair, and have added several large storage baskets for computer and craft stuff.   Gotta admit, I kinda miss this clean and uncluttered look, but, the new stuff is functional, and functional wins the race every time.

On this page you can see my kitchen and my "office".  The office was what sold us on this unit.  It does not face the blue screen of death (aka the telie).  Note, the shelves at the kitchen window have not been added yet.  Both telies from these photos have been replaced, and a "headboard" has been added.  Also have added two magazine racks, one in the bedroom and one on the cabinet end (just above the dog's water bowl). 

The shelves and headboard can be found here, as well as some knick knack sort of things.  This page shows the new telie in the living room and some storage areas Man added under the frig and stove.  This page over at Beyond Reflections From the Fence, shows the 12 foot shelf shopping saga. And, this page, shows off the finished 12 foot shelf over the living room slide, be sure to click on the photo, to take you to the slide show of the entire project, including the finished project.

So as I was writing this, I realized that I really needed some updated photos, so, I took some, and here they are, in no particular order.

This is Tana's front room, and where Carol and the yorks sleep.
The granny square afghan was crocheted by Man's mother, it is
very heavy and I always admired it.  So, now, I use it and enjoy.

Sitting on the edge of the futon, here is that second small table
we added, all decorated for the holidays.  Contained in the
wall of cabinets is the telie (not seen),
the frig (trimmed in black mid photo) and to the far
right the stove, also black.  As you can see those
little extensions of the legs on these tables are great
for hanging all kinds of stuff, headbands, hats, wireless
headphones and even the watch I am not wearing.

Dining table, this looks like a bit of a rats nest, but, is
actually quite functional.  Dog crate for the boys, behind
that is a large basket where I stash empty computer
carry cases and on top of that another basket where
I keep lots of small computer stuff, like the keyboard (travel
days), camera bag, and lots of other small computer type items.

Bedroom/bath area.  You will see the telie is now on the
top of the dresser, we converted the area above from telie
to storage by adding a door, very handy, more violets (in front
of the window), front closet with lots of  room for
clothes, goes across the entire front of the rig.

That just about covers it, the cooks tour.  Living in less than 400 square feet, every inch counts.  If you use the "search" engine in the right hand column of this blog and type in "Spendide" you will find a post about my washer/dryer, and yes, there is a photo.  If you search the word "Tana" you will have a lot more posts to review, if you look far enough there is even one showing how I groom the fur kids while we are living in Tana.

Took me two days to write this, what with the ickies, so, now, I'll post and if you will excuse me, I think I'll go take another nap! Gotta get rid of the ickies! 



Barbara Poole said...

I love the top second picture, and thanks for "listening" to Jo and me. Your 2nd home is cozy and quite inviting. Now to click on some of your other links. Really nice Carol.

Nolichucky Roots said...

Took the complete tour (virtual this time!) again this morning with my coffee. Excellent, Carol. For someone as full of wanderlust as I this is looking better and better.

Keep the fluids coming. I'm a big fan of hot water, lemon, honey and a shot of whatever is available. It won't heal you, but you'll sleep through the rest of the drips :)

Michelle Goodrum said...

Thanks for the great tour. You have a fabulous home away from home! I hope you are better soon!

Now I'm off to finish clicking on the links. It's such fun!

Greta Koehl said...

Get well soon! Meanwhile, I have really enjoyed the tour - amazing how everything is optimized and organized!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Carol! I have a small house and you have some really great ideas for storage, and fitting things in. Hope you're both better soon. Jo