Thursday, December 9, 2010

THE Trip, Two Tidbits, Happys and Genie-Skype

Copyright 2010, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

While Man is fighting off the ickies, I am playing catch up.  (Or trying!  LOL)

The other day we desperately needed groceries and supplies, and decided to take in lunch while we were out.

As we frequently do, we stopped at a local eatery which Man had spied from the road.  OK, he is buying, I am game (as long as it is not Indian or something hotter than hades).  We ended up at "Happys".   I did not take the camera inside, but did snap these outside:

Inside, as you might have guessed by now, oodles and oodles of Happy Face paraphernalia.  A collection fit for a museum.  Even made a miserable icky sicky Man smile!  LOL  Food, average.  Service, strange, like a fast food restaurant, not what we expected.  Prices, in our opinion, too high.  Guess you have to pay for all those Happy Faces.  But I think you will agree, these two photos make one smile!  LOL

Now, that Skype thing.  Granddaughters have a project for school, recording certain facts about your parent's ancestry.  M had asked me her questions, but L had not.  I got an email early Sunday AM, asking to Skype.  So, we did.

Genie-Skype, a wonderful blend of two of my favs/addictions, family history and computers/internet.  We had a particularly good connection, and L got her homework done, and Gramma Carol got to tell the stories again, hopefully infecting the girls with a bit of the genie-bug.

Hard to beat Happys and Skype for smiles.


Heather Rojo said...

I hope you recorded videos of your Skype conversations. What priceless mementos they will be someday!

Nita said...

Sounds like fun, and yes it makes me smile!