Sunday, December 5, 2010

THE Trip, The Repairs

Copyright 2010, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

OK, we have had a few repairs to make along the way. So far, knock on wood, they have been minor and inexpensive to fix.

Since we left the stick built Man has repaired or replaced 2 light switches inside Tana and 1 outside switch. He adjusted several door locks or latches. He had to replace the water regulator (we will not disclose the why, but, I am sure our RVing friends will understand - - SIGH).

Minor stuff, but gave him something to do, he does love to tinker and these repairs were right up his alley, tinker away.

However, when we pulled into Norman he discovered that a bracket that holds up the sewer lines had broken. That means that the sewer lines under Tana were bouncing around a bit, said bouncing can break sewer lines. You don’t want to be replacing or repairing those lines (can we say, EXPENSIVE ? and how bout TIME CONSUMING REPAIR ?). We both realized that Tana was not moving far without this bracket being replaced.

The broken bracket.

Man took the broken bracket off, and when his Navy bud D came over, Man showed him the bracket. D has friends, he knows all the local car fixer uppers. D offers to take the part and see if he can scare up a replacement.

Early the next morn D is out and about and finds a shop that can make the part, they do so, out of much stronger stock than the OEM. (Original Equipment Manufacture). The shop keeper, name unknown to Man and I, just gave the part to D, no charge, saying, "come back and do some business with me". NICE shop keeper.

D brings the part over. Man and D install it, and, Tana is ready to roll.  WAHHHOOOOOO!

Repairs all caught up, mmm, maybe, mmm, Man, there is this day night shade that is stuck 1/3rd of the way up and needs restringing.

* No, I have not crawled under Tana to take a photo of the new bracket, please use your imagination.  Thank you.

** Man is convinced that the bracket broke at the perfect time and place.  I tend to agree with him!  Thanks again to D for helping us, you made what could have been a big problem not so big, eh??


Michelle Goodrum said...

Isn't it great to have friends in the right place when you need them?

Greta Koehl said...

I love to hear stories like this - it sustains my faith in human nature.