Saturday, December 11, 2010

Work Camping in Hurricane Country

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The other day when Man and I visited Sitting Bull Falls near Carlsbad New Mexico we could not help but notice that there was a work camper parked there.

Work campers are frequently volunteers who help out around our National and State campgrounds for the use of a free campsite.  There are as many combinations of work hours, duties, extra pay, as there are opportunities.  Private campgrounds also hire work campers, several of our MOC friends are work campers.  It is a great way to help finance long term or full time travels in a RV. 

This was a bit unusual in that the camper was right there by the parking lot to the falls.  Normally the campers are parked away from the main day use areas.

We were chatting with the volunteer (not the owner/occupant of this rig) and asked a few questions, and were quite surprised to learn that winds in this area could get to some serious speeds.  It is not unusual at all for them to have 40 to 80 MPH winds.  (Reminder, anything over 75 MPH is considered a hurricane force wind.)

Then, the volunteer mentioned that the trailer was chained down on all 4 corners, because of the wind.  I have heard of this being done on trailers left in the Rio Grande Valley Texas, but, I have never seen it anywhere else (in our limited travels).

And, here is a close up of the chains holding down the front of this trailer.

For our RVing friends, you will note, no slide toppers on this unit.  With these kinds of winds, I would think they would shred in no time.  (Slide toppers are a awning type thing that stretches from the side of the unit, over the top of the slide out room.)

Also note that there are hooks imbedded in the concrete.  Serious tie downs!  WOW!

Work camping in hurricane country, not for me, but, thankfully someone is willing to do it and volunteer at this park.

Hold on to your hats!



Anonymous said...

I am laughing as I read this Carol, since we have our shed tied down in Florida and think nothing of it... But I am laughing at remembering ouat trip to Sitting Bull Falls six our seven years ago.. We were looking for waterfalls like you see in Oregon and Washington and when we arrived we were the only ones there except the work campers... They came to greet us and told us about their beautiful waterfalls... When we walked out to them Bill was sure they had taken buckets of water to the top and poured them over the side to cause a waterfall... Smallest waterfalls we have ever seen. He has told that story several times and we get a good laugh every time... Don't know when the water is really running but it sure wasn't when we were there and that was in the spring....

hummer said...

I should think all of west Texas and west Oklahoma should have serious tie downs like that. The winds are awful.
Hope you are having a wonderful time.