Friday, October 2, 2009

Tana on the road, Gypsy Journal Rally, Day 4, Most Photographed Fungus

Another great day of seminars.  I have said that now for days, cause it is true.

Man and I both will leave here with lots of reading material, some new toys and CDS to peruse and much to contemplate.  I will be downloading some new free programs to play with and Reflections From the Fence now has it's own domain.  If you don't see the domain name today, they say it will be totally visable in a few more days.  Now I have bunches more stuff to learn.

The Geocities web pages still need to be moved somewhere, and the new domain will provide me space, but so far, I am not thrilled with the web page builder by Google.  It must be something I am doing wrong, I mean, I love gmail, I love Blogger, love GoogleEarth, GoogleBooks, Picassa storage, the Google search, my use and affection for Google are huge.  But, this web page builder thingy??  Not so sure.

I built this one last night, which has been on Geocities for about 3 years, RVing Recipe.  I guess it looks ok here at Google, but, it was a strain to build, I am not happy with image placements.

This has to be the most photographed fungus ever, Chris of Geeks on Tour took photos of it, Terri, Nick the Gypsy's best half did as well.  It is rather large, very colorful, and easily spotted from the road.  It is growing right by our campsite here in Celina, Mercer County, Ohio.  Have to wonder how many digital cameras carry this image away from Mercer County this week.

Packing up soon, heading Tana northward to the stickbuilt.

Would appreciate some good thoughts for Granddaughter L today.  She is having a bit of plastic surgery to smooth out some of her scars from the heart surgery a few years ago.  She is very very upset that she will miss playground time at school for the next couple of weeks.  We think in a few years she will be glad she had the correction made, but, she does NOT feel that way this week.

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