Monday, July 13, 2009


Saturday was the Vrmmmm Wow day here in the Irish Hills.

Friends and Cousins Karen and Mark, from over at Genealogy Frame of Mind were on their Fiesta Tour and stopped by.

Man drove first. Man left several witness marks on our gravel roads where he "tested" the Fiesta's pick up. Can we say, spray that gravel, there Man.

Then it was turn for Moi.

Ok, I admit to loving front wheel drive, Fiesta has it, I love a 5 speed on the floor, LOVE LOVE LOVE the 5 speed on the floor, Fiesta has it. Man remarked several times how he enjoyed the 5 speed on this Fiesta, short throw, slick, smooth shift, can we say, spray that gravel?

I took Fiesta out to the US highway, now, don't tell, but, I decided to kinda see what this little bug has. OHHHH OHHHH, it has it alright! I was still in 4th, heavy foot on the metal, and was doing 60 so fast I could not believe it! All in a county where the top legal speed is 55. Whoops! Grin! Giggle! Slow down! Fiesta is very responsive, turns on a dime (well almost) and is sooooo much fun to drive! Did I say it went 60 in 4th and is fun to drive??

Back at home, Tana asked, but, what about ME?? OKKK, Tana, give it your best shot.

Tana whispered to Moi later that as much as she figured that Fiesta probably had enough Vrmmmm to do the job, that maybe, she would stick with her first love, Big Butt.

After a bit of a visit, Fiesta took us for a nice ride along the lake and over to Randy's for dinner. They smoke the meats at Randy's, mmmmm good. Man and I lost count on the Wow's that Mark and Karen mumbled over dinner. Brisket, pulled pork and smoked turkey. WOW. Onion rings, cole slaw, baked beans, french fries, all WOW. And, deserts were outta this world too.

Fiesta supplied the Vrmmm on Saturday, Randy's supplied the Wow. Thanks Karen and Mark for dropping by, it was a fun afternoon.

*Big Butt, 2003 GMC 3500 with the Allison/8.1

**Karen has details on Fiesta stats on her blog about their week driving and enjoying it.

***Photos courtesy of Karen, who owns the copyright. You wanna use em, you need to ask her.

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