Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rally Bound

Our time here in Mid-Michigan is coming to a close. We have had a very nice time, visiting friends. (We are beginning to think of this time in Tana as a Family & Friends Tour.) Had several yummy meals in new and exciting eateries. Man and I want to thank all our friends that made us feel so welcome and shared some time with us.

Today we spent ramping up for the run to Mackinaw and the Great Lakes Rally (MOC, Montana Owners Club). There are about 22 units signed up, and Man and I have had the pleasure of meeting over half of the couples. There will be warm reunions and great fireside stories to share. Of course, there will be fabulous food, have you ever been to a get together of RV/camping families with crummy food?? Nope, me either.

There will be a trip to Mackinaw Island, where no motorized vehicles are allowed. You walk, bike or ride horses. I have not seen this, but, was informed by friends that the UPS deliveries are done by horse drawn trucks as well. I hope to see that and get a photo! Mackinaw Island is known for many things, only one of which is the Fudge. Oh, dear, YUM YUM. It is also known for the Grand Hotel where Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour filmed the movie "Somewhere in Time" in 1980. We hear there is a fabulous lunch buffet there now, and knowing how Man loves buffet meals, I am looking forward to the experience!

Man and I have visited the town of Mackinaw, Fort Michilmackinaw and Mackinaw Island a number of times and have enjoyed every trip. One of the last times we went as a core family we got this fun photo of the son’s. Son # 2 is standing against the fence, Son # 3 is sitting midway on the cannon, Son # 1 is sitting up front on the cannon.

We are looking forward to the Rally, renewing friendships, making new friends, and revisiting the historically rich and fun Mackinaw area.

*Links provided are just a beginning, a google search on any of these historically rich areas of Michigan will provide many hits and lots of educational and interesting reading.

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