Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bocci, or is that Bocce Ball, Our Way

Last post you will note I mentioned that the twins, Man and Moi played a little Bocci ball our way, Man won.

Our way, means, NOT the official rules, our rules, our way.

So, as so often happens, I do a blog, then I get doing more research. So, lets start with a Google search for Bocci game rules. First I discover others use spelling of Bocce. (Spelling Don't Count! not in research, and as far as I am concerned, not in Bocci/Bocce either!)

I clicked on the first hit, got one set of rules, clicked on the next hit, got another set of rules. Second set quite detailed. OKKK, we fess up, we are not exactly purists when it comes to our rules.

Ours are pretty simple I think:

  • Pick your color of bocci ball, red, blue, yellow, green.

  • Someone tosses what we call the "pea" ball, which in our case is a yellow golf ball, cause we found the yellow is easier to see in short, or tall grass, than a white golf ball.

  • Whomever tosses the pea, gets to toss their bocci ball first, everyone tosses one, then everyone tosses their second bocci ball, original tosser goes first again, then the rest of us follow suit. Very orderly here.

  • Tossing will be done from same place as the lead tosser tosses. Got that?? You can move sideways for better tossing, but one must not go closer to the pea ball than the original tosser stood when he/she tosses.

  • When all tossing is completed, go see who got closer. Closest one gets a point, if you so happen to get both of your tosses closest, you get to claim 2 points. Closest will be determined by Man's measuring if necessary, Man has ruler in bag with Bocci balls, so he always has that measuring stick available.

  • If you win a point you get to toss the pea, you get to toss it in any direction your little heart desires. This results in long strolls following the pea ball around the yard or campgrounds. Nope, we do not have a fancy dancy court, strolling is part of the fun for us.

  • First to 21 wins.

*Twins and Man, tossing the Bocci balls, okkkk, fessing up, Moi staged the photo!

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Greta Koehl said...

The subject of bocce ball always makes me think of C3PO: "I speak Bocce - it's like a second language to me."