Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tana delights - - Visiting and great eats

Spent the last couple of days doing that laundry and errands, but also found 2 great eateries and visited with some dear dear friends.

Eatery 1: Shirlene's Cuisine, Midland. Home cooking, renoun for their salad bar, buffet meals and cheesecake. Salad bar was fab. MMMMM, good. Everything made fresh in the restaurant. Cheesecake was pretty good, had that layer of sour cream on top that I favor. Coffee was strong, not watery. Enjoyed it.

Eatery 2: Qdoba Mexican Grill. Kinda just happened on this. Now, I find there are a lot of these around, about 36 alone in Michigan. Who knew?? You get to choose ingredients. So, you want a Burrito, OKKKK, they build as you watch and choose, just like you do at Subway. Burrito was HUGE, and soooo good. Qdoba Mexican Grill, a very good thing.

However, the most enjoyable two hours were spent visiting with dear dear friends, Jim & Mari. Special people who hold special places in our hearts.

Tana delights, good food, visiting with special friends, lazying away the days, gosh durn it, Moi does not think it can get much better than this!

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