Friday, July 3, 2009

Sourcing? anyone really sourcing?

OK, I am a tad frustrated at the moment. I have been working on transferring the Lenawee County Bibles from the soon to be defunct geocities page to the new Blog. I did 25 of those today, then, I worked on a cemetery, forwarding corrections to friend Mary.

I decided it was time for Moi. I have been making entries on Find A Grave, here and there, now and then, when I can. I found in my eagerness I had made a duplicate entry, someone else had entered the same man. SOOOOO, according to the rules set forth by Find A Grave, I deleted my entry and requested that the contributor for this prior entry make a link to parents. Contributor did the links, cheerfully.

I had very little on some of the other family members so, I think to myself, Moi, now is a good time to work on this line, fill it in, lots of hints here on Find A Grave.

So, the search and the input begins. It is not long before I discover some serious discrepancies. So, Moi, thinks, hmmmm, lets have a little lookie see at Ancestry and maybe there will be an entry on the World Tree, lets just see what might be out there.

Yep, it is there, 15 times. All 15 entries have this person born 12 January 1855, died 23 October 1927, Georgia. Only, I just so happen to have already collected a death certificate for this person, and the dates recorded on the death certificate are born 28 January 1855, died 9 October 1927.

Oh, crud, oh shades of prior post, Guilty as charged, I clicked and clicked and clicked some more .

Only this time, I won't be clicking, clicking away. I am just not up to it, I am gonna record the dates from the death certificate and be done with it.

But, I gotta ask, did any one of these 15 researchers with their tree online at Ancestry even check for a death certificate?? They are online FREE to download at FamilySearch Labs.


And, now Moi is gonna go find something else to work on, pull some census, link some more of the 145 photos I scanned last month for Son# 1's 40th BD celebration. That has to be less frustrating, eh??

*Written late Thursday evening, posted, hopefully Friday AM.

**Some may ask, why do I keep looking for hints at the World Tree?? Because I find cousins there, sometimes I find great hints on where to look for "real" records, it is a great "pointer". Bit frustrating many times, but, that one good hit, one new cousin who is willing to share, well, that makes it worth it.


lindalee said...

I know what you mean. I have my tree out on ancestry...there are probably mistakes, but I don't add anything from others until I give it a good check. Someone in your tree put up the wrong info and others just perpetuated the mistake. Drives me nuts, too. And, how about those free death certificates....what a great find they were when I first saw them.

Carol said...

Linda, major objection here, is the click and claim mentality of some researchers. Yep, that is my name, click, claim, don't bother to verify anything. Believe me, we will run across this time and time again. 15 exact submissions, word for word, date for date. Bring me a death certificate any day. Oh, yea!