Friday, July 17, 2009

This 'n That, Tana useage

Back in May, I talked about techy camping, mentioning that I knew exactly what campsite I would be on later in the summer. Well, it is later in the summer, and here we are:

Took us days to organize, pack, and get the stick built ready to abandon for a few weeks. Cleaned out and turned off frig, stuffed it full of crumbled newspapers so it will be fresh and ready to turn back on when we return. Stopped the mail, cancelled the garbage pickups, reduced insurance on other vehicles so as to save a few $$.

We are on the road for a bit, not sure how long, so stay tuned.

Tana has a new washer/dryer, and a new table (seen in this photo), we have the electronics, the violets, the dogs, some of my research files and we are good to go. This first weekend will be spent with the entire family. We already have had a bit of excitement, coons got into Son # 1's food tent last night, I did not see it, but, it sounded nasty. Changes in food storage have been made. Twins have taken us for a nice walk and challenged us to a game of Boci Ball our way. Man won! As you can see, Man now is napping, twins are reading, and Captain Hook is just taking it all in.

Now, I wonder if I can get a few minutes of zzz time, hmmmm, the bed is free - - -

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