Friday, July 3, 2009

Sourcing? anyone really sourcing? Post Script

On the way this AM to the day's cemetery stomp (with only 2 pairs of shoes this time), I got to thinking, couple of points from this AM's blog could use a bit of clarification.

1.) Last nights trip to Ancestry was actually into the data base named Public Member Trees. Not World Tree, etc., etc., etc.

2.) Two of the trees were sourced for this person's death. Source was Ancestry's own version of the Georgia Death Index. You can click on the source and it opens right up. When I clicked, the death date was October 9,1927, NOT October 23, 1927 as is stated on the tree data.

I have a real hard time wrapping my brain around stating a death date, linking to the source of that information and having the wrong date on your data base. Excuse my snide attitude here, but, don't we use sources and sourcing to get the right information, which in this case is the date of death??

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