Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Travel surprises - - Alex's

A special delight of RVing and traveling are the little surprises we happen across. Did that today.

Today was a quick run to the grocery to refurbish the frig and pantry after the weekend family campout. Man decided to put some gas in Big Butt, the truck that can pass anything on the road, EXCEPT a gas station. SIGHHHH

Man did not like the price in town, as both the stations did the one price for cash, another price, which was higher of course, for credit. If at all possible, he refuses to give stations like that his business. It is a matter of principle for him, even if he pays 1 cent more, he just hates that business practice.

So, we went back towards the campground and we found a Mobile station, price credit or cash was 1 cent more than the credit price in town. He filled Big Butt's tummy.

Then he decided we needed to look at the store, as it appeared to be rather interesting. In we tromped. OHHHHH MYYYYY!!! Prices, high. Inventory, very eclectic to say the least. They had more brands of beer than I have ever seen, 6 packs at $12.00 each. WOW. Same for wine and hard liquor, stuff I have never seen, pricy, anyone for a bottle of Chili wine??

Then there was the food. Salads, sandwiches, tabouli (2 varieties!), wraps, more salads, dips, more sandwiches, pizza, pizza rolls, on and on and on. All fresh, and great looking. You could get a pre-packaged salad, one was chicken caesar. Another pre-packaged delight was grapes, cheese, salami sticks and something else, very pricy, looked wonderful.

We spent a delightful 15 minutes or so oogling the offerings. Resisted all but a pizza bread stick. MMMMMMMM

Alex's Market & Grill, corner of I-75 and Grange Hall Road. A travel surprise.

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