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Lenawee History, Sylvester and Lucy Walker, Cambridge, Michigan

Sylvester and Lucy Walker

Sylvester's headstone, Cambridge Junction Cemetery, Cambridge, Lenawee County, Michigan.

Closeup of the inscription

Wife, Lucy's, Headstone, Cambridge Junction Cemetery, Cambridge, Lenawee County, Michigan.

Sylvester arrived in Cambridge around 1838. He opened the Walker Tavern to serve travelers that were traversing the road from Detroit to Chicago, known as the Sauk Trail or US 12. This route is now also known as the Sauk Heritage Trail, a U.S. Heritage Trail. It was originally a military road surveyed and laid out by the United States government in 1825. This is the original Walker Tavern.

This site is now owned by the State of Michigan. In 1958 the site was placed on the State Register of Historic Places. In 1971 the site was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is now part of the Cambridge State Historical Park. We enjoy taking the twins to the park for some of their summer special programs, A Walk in Time, A Victorian Tea and Pioneer Cooking.

Sylvester built a new brick tavern across the street around 1852. Here it is, for years it was an antique store, it has been for sale for a few years, noted this week, that some repairs are being done to the structure's foundation.

Sylvester Walker was a representative from Lenawee county for 1847. He was a Democrat. He served on the building committee for the St. Michaels and All Angels Church during fall and winter of 1855-56 when the church was built. (Note the Cambridge Junction Cemetery lies behind and beside this church.)


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