Sunday, July 19, 2009

Games We Played

Saturday was GAME DAY! at the family campout. After a huge breakfast, it was time for disc golf.

The players, from left: Wife of Son #1, Son #2, L, Son #1, M, Son #3, fiancee of Son #3:

Some time was spent finding lost discs, so far, no reports of poison ivy, which is quite surprising.

After only 9 holes, but several hours, was time for lunch. Son #1 had smoked some brisket and pork shoulder, oh, ya, we were eating like kings and queens. Thank you Son # 1!! Course, then a few of us had to take naps. We refuse to name the guilty!

They played corn ball and ladder ball.

We dodged a few raindrops, a LOT of skeeters, and ended a full and tiring day around the campfire.

What a nice weekend, full of bocci ball, corn ball, ladder ball, disc golf, family, camping, lots of good eats, ending with hobo pies round the campfire. Ya, nice stuff.

*Two of the guilty nappers:

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