Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wedding in the Woods

Some of you may remember the blog about Summer Surprises. The other afternoon, I started noticing that the Queen's Anne Lace was blooming. I have been a fast fan of QAL since I was, well, younger. OKKKK, much younger, since before I was even a pre-teen.

These days when I see QAL, I remember the Wedding in the Woods. Place: Rockingham County Virginia. Time: Spring or early summer. Event: Celebration of marriage of cousins (this gang does not need much of an excuse to have a good ole southern cookout in the woods and this was a very good excuse).

So, the preparations begin, food, check; drinks, check; cake, check; table settings including wild flower arrangements, check; flowers for the bride to carry, yep, an arrangement Moi made for her, deep red roses and QAL; someone to read the vows in the "marriage ceremony", check, Moi.

Ya know you only go round once. If you know me, well, you know, I am not terribly shy. Getting up in front of a crowd done without many second thoughts.

Photo of Moi "marrying" the happy couple in their Wedding in the Woods.

* You may ask, "Why can't you see the QAL in the bride's flowers"? Answer: because to keep the roses from wilting we put the whole thing in the frig for a few hours before the ceremony/party. The QAL WILTED!!

** Probably the first and last time I shall "marry" anyone, cause this one did not last. Ya, they divorced! The QAL wilted and so did the marriage!

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Greta Koehl said...

I have also loved Queen Anne's Lace since I was a little girl. Enjoyed this story, though it's too bad the marriage didn't last. It reminded me that I still have my wedding garland in the freezer.