Thursday, July 30, 2009

Great Lakes Montana Rally, we arrived

Montana's everywhere:

We have arrived! 16 rigs arrived by late Wednesday, 6 more to go. One seriously broken down, but, safe and sound in Houghton, we send them our best wishes for a speedy and cheap fix.

Tis great meeting up with our RVing friends. What a great gang!

The Big Mac at dusk.

Trivia tidbit, the Big Mac is really named the Daniel Carter Beard Bridge, our apologies, but, who knew?? Here is a great page on the bridge and the area.

Air card having a bit of difficulty here, which we expected. Man put out the external antenna he purchased a couple of years ago, never used, time was right, and yes, it helps!


Anonymous said...

Wish I were not here!!!


TennLady said...

Cool on the air card! I need to get DH to take a run down Robert Matthews HWY with me to see if the montana that lives there is gone?