Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sounds of Music, by Tana and Big Butt

If you could hear them, sounds that become dear to those of us who love Rving, music to our ears.

The sounds of trains nearby. Unless they are 25 feet from your back window, I have become fond of the sounds of trains running nearby. Why? Cause it means I am on the road again.

Laughter round the campfire, we are on the road again.

Sounds of awnings rolling up and down, we are on the road again.

The sounds of the holding tanks being dumped, yep, breaking camp, on the road again.

Yorkies yippin, yes, they know ALL the sounds of breaking camp, on the road soon. They just love to go, and as soon as we have pulled 200 feet they are quiet, that is a nice sound too! Of course, they also yip when we slow down and pull into a stop, they want to let us know that they are fully aware we have arrived some place new and they want to investigate it -okkk, mark it as their own. (It’s a dog thing!)

The clanking of the 5th wheel hitch and pin connecting, on the road again.

Sound of Big Butt climbing hills, coasting along, running down the road.

We are on the road again, we hear the sounds of Tana and Big Butt. Music to our ears.

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