Saturday, February 25, 2012

THE Trip, Nebraska to Amana Colonies, Iowa,The HEAT Continues

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After the Nebraska MOC Rally Man and I headed east once more, we are closing in on SE Michigan and home, but, we eek out a few more stops.

We drove about 270 miles on I -80 from Greenwood Nebraska to near Amana Colonies Iowa.  And, if we thought it was HOT in Nebraska, well, it was even more so in Iowa.  In fact, this might have been the hottest day we have ever driven in or experienced.  This was killer heat.  When we stopped for rest breaks we had to take the dogs with us.  One of us would stand outside in the shade, IF we could find a tree, and the other would go into the rest rooms.  I almost burned my leg by simply leaning against the running boards and door frame of Big Butt.  The heat factor was at least 120 degrees F.

Little did we know but, Big Butt was keeping us alive, and we are not sure how. The next morning when we started BB up we lost 1 quart of oil in less than 5 miles.  We realized with a sense of dread and fear that if we had been driving in that 120 heat factor mess that if BB had blown oil, we might not known it until we blew the engine.  The thought of being stranded on the side of the road in that heat really set us back a bit, ok, set us back a LOT!  But, our Maker and Big Butt watched over us and we thank them both.

When we got to our campsite it was 96 to 98 degrees in Tana, it took HOURS and HOURS for the air conditioner to cool the unit down.  I worried about the fur kids in that kind of heat, the boys are both older and have health issues.

Whew, I would be happy to never experience that kind of heat again and we surely thanked our Maker for keeping us safe.

We would spent parts of the next several days visiting the Amana Colonies, before we headed east one more time.

I promised some of you some more Nebraska sunsets, so, here are 3 more photos, all that heat and humidity sure made for some beautiful sunsets.

I liked the first one because of the 2 birds:

Two nights later, watch as we go from orange to orange-red.  First:

I did not digitally edit this one much, just a sharpening the edges type of thing and resizing. Isn't this color amazing??

Hot sunsets for hot days,




Barbara Poole said...

The day would've been a little too hot for me. Love your sunset photos, esp. the middle one.

Michelle Goodrum said...

Hot. Spectacular. idea which one to like best.