Sunday, February 26, 2012

I AM Going to Index, I AM, I AM, I AM

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As a family researcher/genealogist, unless you have had your head in the sand for the last year or so, you know what April 2, 2012 means!


Yep, here it comes, ready or not!

I am happy to announce that I have become an Ambassador for the 1940 census indexing project.

Now comes the confession:

I have never indexed one thing at FamilySearch, or anywhere else online. I have not joined in the fun or the projects till now.  My excuse, err, reason, I have been too busy.  Blame it on THE Trip, blogging, Man, fur kids, family, my volunteer work for our local genie society, need for sleep, need for meals, the Demon and limited amounts of energy and time. (That's my story and I am stickin' to it!)  Blame it on a lot of things, simple truth, I have just not made the time in my life for indexing on line. I appreciate all that have, they bring us wonderful stuff over at  My research would be seriously lacking without all the dedication and hours volunteer indexers have donated.  I thank them daily!

Next confession:

I have not done ONE single thing to prepare for the 1940 census.  I have not contemplated one person I would love to go hunting up, other than the obvious, my parents and grandparents, and great grandparents.  I blame it on the same issues as mentioned above, time and energy.  This fact alone makes me realize just how much I NEED the indexing to be done.  Really need it!

Next confession:

I do not like learning curve, OK, I HATE learning curve.  So, this is where I am going to start, Getting Started -  Make History.  (If you have not signed up yet, this is where you do that.  Come on, click in!)

OK, that is ENOUGH confessions for one day.  Now, is time for the pep talk:

Join me!  Help index the 1940 census.  If we all jump in and do some, it can be done in record time.  Really!   I will thank you all time and time again when I can find my ancestors in those big cities like Norfolk Virginia where my daddy was living then.  I don't want to do a page by page browse search for him.  HELP ME!!  Sign up and index!

Thank you!

* I really need this to be done in record time, because selfishly, I don't want to still be indexing after November 1, 2012, cause Man and I are planning a followup to THE Trip, and then I really won't have the time!  Please help me be ready for THE Trip THE Encore  - - oh, oh, think I just named it!

** Oh, and guess what, you don't even have to be a family research enthusiast to do this indexing, all you need is the desire to help me get this done!

***  The disclaimer stuff:  No one paid me anything to join the indexing effort, to use or not to use any of the sites I am mentioning.  The key word here is VOLUNTEER!  The monetary pay for volunteers is non-existent, the payback in satisfaction and self worth garnered from the time and effort used to volunteer, PRICELESS.



Kathy Reed said...

It's great that you have volunteered for this project. I've done a small amount of indexing for both Indiana and our genealogical society, but I'm reluctant to commit to this project right now. I'm glad so many are accepting the invitation.

Karen said...

Good for you, Carol! Thanks for all you do for the genealogy community, locally and now nationally. :)

Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

Ok Carol, I'm gonna do it. I don't need more to do either, but I'm going to keep you company and we can be indexing newbies together. You did it Carol, YOU convinced me. YOU pushed me over the edge. YOU recruited at least ONE person, ME. I'm signing up. Now. At 11:39 p.m. Doing it.

Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...


Thank you for signing up to make history by indexing the 1940 census. We'll send e-mail updates leading up to the launch of this historic project. You can start today by indexing related projects.

I did it.

Carol said...

Thanks Lisa!

Kathy and Karen, join us, do a few, do 1 set, it will all help!

Get me back on the road! LOL

TennLady said...

I haven't signed up yet, but I will. I'm hoping experienced researchers will sign up to do this and not a lot of newbies, because most of the newbies don't know how to read census or how to tell one letter from another or a 2 from a 3.

Hummer said...

I am excited to have you on the team!... Good for you.

Celia said...

Signed up a little while ago - I volunteered at freeBMD (England) for several years, and learned lots! (instant connection with my senior 'team' helped me learn quickly). I've done several hours of indexing, and it's not too challenging. Enjoy the work! I figure everyone needs to give their time somewhere, and this will be helpful, eh? Cheers! You're inspiring others!!

irisheyes jennifer said...

Thank You Carol, you've inspired me! I signed up yesterday and began with some other indexing projects, specifically English records. As the granddaughter of an Irish radical, I feel a little subversive indexing English records, but am very glad I've signed on.

Thank You, Thank You!


Debi Austen said...

I've signed up, too. I've done enough indexing previously to get my feet wet and have an idea of what's involved and know that we can all do as little or as much as we have time for. Every little bit helps and we'll get you on that trip!

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Thanks for telling us how to help. I signed up. Should be fun.
How can I get a 1940 ambassador badge for my blog?