Saturday, February 11, 2012

Gulf State Park, Gulf Shores Alabama, A New Critter Sign

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You may remember back on January 23, 2011 I shared some campground fun.  One of the photos was of the Rabbit Road sign with the hanging rabbits:

The other day on the way out of the campground we noted a bit of an addition.  First the back story that I am aware of.

There is a fellow staying here in the campground that does these stump carvings (I am calling them stump carvings, I have no idea what he would call them).  He starts out with large hunks of tree trunks, and ends up with folk art type of animals.  He has done several pelicans, and I suspect he did the bear and the gator I shared with you last month.

And, now, the new addition to the park's carved critters:

Since I took this photo many more Mardi Gras beads have been added.  Ya, they LOVE Mardi Gras around here.

Can't wait to see if our artist can come up with folk art stump carvings for Sumac Road and Live Oak Drive.  Racoon Road, Bobcat Road, Quail Road, Possum Road also await.  By the way, I looked at the campground map this AM, and looks like the Gator is our mascot.



Lynne Carothers said...

I love the silliness! Those carvings add character to the park.. I hope there are more to come!

Sharon said...

Love the new carving and sign. I'm not sure what they call them, we always called them chainsaw carvings and the person doing them chainsaw carver.

Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

I think Sharon is right, chainsaw carvings! Very cute!

Carol said...

Could be chainsaw, but, this rabbit has a really smooth surface, maybe he used a lot of sandpaper after the chainsaw???