Friday, February 17, 2012

THE Trip, Time to Rally, But First, Lincoln.

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By July 13th, 2011 we were at the MOC Rally, and it was HOT.  Yea, I know, I have been saying it was HOT.  Well, it was HOT and then MORE HOT and then, it got HOT!  Sadly, for me, the heat just about dropped me to knees.  Several days I spent parts of the middle of the day inside Tana with the air conditioning running.

But, first things first, it was time for Big Butt to get an oil change.  After a bit of research, Man decided we would drive over the Lincoln, the capital of Nebraska for the oil change.  While we waited he took this photo, supposedly of the old gas pump, but, he managed to get me in there on the smart phone, and snicker, he got himself too!  Reflections just LOVES reflections!

Reflections would love to pay these prices again, you too??  Tax INCLUDED!!

While we were in Lincoln, we made a stop at the Capital Building, it is a beautiful building:

We managed to snag a free tour, well, we actually latched on to this tour for some school children.  The guide was fabulous, really fabulous.  She was meant for this job!  She had a great way with the children, teaching them on their level, but, not talking down to the adults tagging along.  The children were extremely well behaved.  She had them looking at the dome, from the best viewing position!

The floors had these beautiful whimsical representations of flora and fauna, there is one of a tree now residing in the right hand column here at Reflections, and here is another example:

After an enjoyable few hours in the cool capital building, we headed back to camp, it is time to Rally, MOC style.


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Barbara Poole said...

Love the shot of you with reflection of Al. So cool. Getting close to home, I see.