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Friend of Friends Friday:: Slaves in Bible Records::Virginia::Nathan Withers

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A genie angel shared with me the fact that the data base Virginia, Historical Society Papers, 1607-2007, is online at FamilySearch.Org.  (Note:  no promises that link will work, as you must sign in to use this data base.  So, if it does not work for you, sign in to FamilySearch.Org, browse around to United States data bases, Virginia data bases, and you will find the link to this data base.)  This is a browse only data base at this time.

When you get to the data base, there are 71 "boxes" to investigate.  Note there is also set of index cards found after Box 71.  It is alpha, but, you will still have to be creative with your search in the actual "boxes" if you find something of interest in the index cards.  I have not yet figured out if there is a "trick" to the numbers on the index cards that would send you to the correct box right away.  If you know the trick, please leave a comment.

So, the other night I was up in the middle of the night, yes and ONLINE too, something I almost never do in the middle of the night, and I was snooping around.  In my snooping, I discovered the Nathan Wither's Bible records.  See Box 70, pages 136 to 142 (hope I recorded those page numbers correctly in the middle of the night.)

The first page of the record is a collection record report.  These pages contain a lot of hints as to what follows.

There are several pages of slave records.  I saved the images to my hard drive and transcribed them to the best of my ability with Transcript.  No editing other than cropping has been done to the images.  My attempt at transcriptions of each page follow the image of that page.  The pages are presented in the same order as they were online.  I did not necessarily maintain the spacing as in the original record.  The first page gave me the most difficulty in transcribing, and I urge you to be very cautious with my "take" on the names and dates. You will note if I was not sure, I put a (?) in my transcription.  If there are errors, please leave a comment so I can correct them.  Thanks.

Age Book for Negroes

Tillen was born August 1780

John was born August the 7th (?) 1801

Peggy was born August the 4th 1803

Daniel was born July 14th 1805

Nanny (?) was born February 3rd 1809

Lewis was born September the 6th 1813

Maria (?) wa born February 1st 1817

Lucy was born December 1st 1826

Amy (?) was born February the 3rd 1827

Eliza was born February the 16th 1829

Richard was November the 14th 1829

Fred (?) was born October the 16th 1831

John (?) Albert was born Sept the 5th 1832

Binns (?) was born August 3rd 1837

Mary was born February 22 1839

Sasen (?) was born March the 9 (?) th 1839

Matilda was born June the 15th 1840

Margarette was born August the 1st 1841

Betsey was born October the 28th 1841

George Daniel was born September the 5th 1843

James Munroe Patiences child was born June the 16th 1845

Susan Hill Nanny child was born September th 6th 1845

Wm Wilson Patience's child was born Nov. the 19th 1846

Ben Nannys child was born August 28th 1848

Henderson Anne's child was born August the 7th 1848

Sam. Patience's child was born November the 14th 1848

Green Thomas Nannys child was born April the 30th 1850

Martha Jane Patience's child was born May the 22th 1850

Alace Nanny child was born June the 16th 1853

Elias Marys child was born Nov 1st 1858

Marys 2nd child was born 1860

Note, this page was cropped more because there was nothing but white space below this.

Amanda Marys child was born Feb the 24th 1861

Betsey Mary child was born August 3rd 1862

Note, I do have Withers in my research.  I suppose Nathan may be in my lineage somewhere, but, currently he is not on my data base.  Therefore, I am NOT researching this line and I can not be of further help to you at this time.  I find em, I share em, you research em!

Good luck!



TennLady said...

Connection to my Withers? While I don't have census records of slaves, I do have some bible records that old Col. Abraham Bowman left behind. I think John Bryan Bowman transcribed them and didn't differentiate between the Bowman children and the Bowman slaves. took me a while to figure them out.

Susan Clark said...

Great find! And yet another collection to check out....

Linda Hughes Hiser said...

WOW!!! Fascinating documents.