Thursday, February 23, 2012

THE Trip, Threshers, The Boy Toys

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July 16, 2011, while at the Nebraska MOC Regional Rally one of the local attractions was the 35th Annual Camp Creek Macinery and Threshing Show held in Waverly Nebraska.  You may remember I mentioned that I had no intentions of attending this little local event (which was not SO little, by the way).  But, wires got crossed, confusion reigned in my old heat suffering brain and Man and I found ourselves on the way, ill prepared as we were with no hats and not much water.  DUHHH.  Like I said, I was confused, I won't speak for Man!  LOL

Despite the confusion, we had a blast!  MOC friend turned guide extraordinaire, Jan, shared her wealth of knowledge of all this farm stuff with us.  I don't remember a lot, but, it was fascinating.  I think I enjoyed her telling of the stories almost as much as I did taking almost 100 photos.

Today, the boy toys:

Below this is a 1925 Model T Ford, per the sign.  Let me tell you, all this equipment was very well loved and cared for.  Beautiful to behold!

Below, OK, I am glad we don't have to cool the engines of our modern day vehicles this way:

The ultimate boy toy!  A train!

Jan can tell you about this, all I know is it is a lot of machinery, belts, a sight to behold.

Look at the size of that belt!

Moments after I snapped this photo that belt also snapped.  WOW.  Don't want to be in the way of that, quite dangerous, dudes, you could really get hurt with that!

Next, I'll show you the lady's tools.  You may worship your current household tools when you see this stuff.  I know I do!



Carol said...

MOC friend Jan has some corrections for us, including an interesting tidbit on the water cooler thingy. Will be posted later. Stay tuned!

Lynne Carothers said...

I love to go to shows like this - especially when they start up the engines and blast away on everything that can make noise! Ok, I have strange tastes.

Jan Kelpe said...

The water bag actually was drinking water--supposedly the air hitting the bag cooled it (evaportive cooling)--not sure how well it worked but that is all they had and a side benefit was that that if the radiator overheated they had water for it.. the first machine appears to be a corn sheller--the corn comes out of the round tube and the conveyer takes away the corn cobs-- that was mounted on a truck and the last machine is a thrashing machine--for wheat and oats.

Jo said...

My Dad would have loved your day out! He had a collection of vintage machinery (he was a farmer) including a Rumely Oil Pull which he bought in Canada and had shipped home to Scotland. It nearly caused a divorce :-)