Sunday, February 19, 2012

THE Trip, MOC Nebraska Rally, HOT Stuff

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Still HOT in Nebraska.  Five days of MOC Rally.  Our regional rallies are smaller and more intimate.  They are fully enjoyed.  There was, as, always, GREAT food, lots of telling of lies, laughter, stories, more food, and a few local activities.  First there was a Meet N Greet, with, mmm, of course, food.

One of our side trips was to Baker's Candies.

YUM, and this is just a small sampling of their offerings:

Did I happen to mention it was HOT???

Another of our outings we went to a local eatery, yummy!  We celebrated an anniversary  (nope, not for Man and I):

One day the side trips were to see the Missouri River flooding that so devastated the area and to a Threshers Show. I had not intended on going out in the heat to see the Threshers show, but, I have to say, I am so glad I did. I almost melted and wilted, but, our MOC friend Jan, who grew up on a farm, took us under her wing and gave us an education. It was fascinating. I'll bring you a few photos in another post, ladies you just HAVE to see some of these displays. Yes, LADIES!

The afternoon was spent in air conditioned trucks and cars driving to see the flooded Missouri River.  Where we crossed from Nebraska into Iowa there was a 2 lane road, and no where to pull off, so, I put Sony to work capturing the scene the best we could.  So much water, so much - -

There was a road there.  The sign just broke my heart, it said it all:

Sitting in water:

Don't need this equipment, there are no crops to water, and there is too much water anyway!

Our local MOC host and hostesses went out of their way to show us a HOT time!  No, seriously, in spite of the heat a good time was had, friendships renewed and begun, and we all survived to brag that we had been HOT in Nebraska!  The sunsets were HOT too - - -

Beautifully HOT!

Thanks to our MOC Rally Hosts and to Nebraska, it was a great regional rally, did I say, it was HOT??  OH, I did.  Well, it was!

*  Rally was held mid July, 2011.



Hummer said...

HOT is right. Looks like maybe some humidity in the mix. Woo Wee. Looks like you had fun in spite of it.
Love the sunset picture.

Susan Clark said...

Fabulous pictures - again! I drove across Missouri and it's river later in the month and was stunned by water levels. No camera, but images fixed in my mind.

And love that sunset. The skies in the Great Plains are amazing.

Barbara Poole said...

What a combination of lovely and sad photos. Your sunset was stunning. Floods are always horrible to witness, we have our share here, but thank's for capturing the images, so we won't forget.

Carol said...

Hummer, LOTS of humidity! And, we did have fun, in spite of it.

Susan, thank you.

Barbara, life is like that, sad and lovely, ying yanging our emotions, don't you think??