Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wedding Wednesday :: Dr. Conklin Takes His Bride, Again

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From the January 20, 1897 issue of the Michigan Messenger, Adrian, Lenawee County, Michigan:


An Aged Couple Meet and are Married

RIDGEWAY, Mich. Jan. 16 - - Dr. C. H. Conklin, of Saline, and Mrs. Mary E. Betnett, of Milan, were quietly married in the Smith house Thursday, by Justice C. W. Culbertson.

About 20 years ago the same couple were married, but separated after a short time. The groom has since been twice married and the bride once. Now their old love has broken out anew, and they look forward to unclouded happiness.

The groom is 68, the bride 56. They are making a wedding trip in a carriage.

SALINE, Mich. Jan. 16. - - Doc. C. H. Conklin is maker and proprietor of a famous salve. He was divorced from his first wife, who he now remarries, 21 years ago. He has scarcely even seen her since although she has been living at Milan. His second wife died while he was living at Clinton . He married a third time, but two weeks ago secured a divorce and has now gone back to his first.

Conklin has traveled all over the county selling salve, having made California three times by wagon."

*Bride and groom graphic was originally found at, which seems to have gone the way of many web sites - - poof.  Anyway, thanks for the graphic.

** I did a bit of quick internet research and did not find a marriage record for them at  I know nothing more about this couple.  I am not researching this clan.  Hope this helps someone, good luck!


Queen Bee said...

What a neat story. Hopefully this will be found by a family member since you've posted it online.

Elisse Newey said...

So Interesting! I wish I was researching them so I would have an excuse to find out more. Would you mind if I featured this (and your blog) on my blog?


Carol said...

Please feel free to research them Elisse. If I were back in Lenawee I might give it a shot with resources I have available there that I do not while I am on the road. But, that will not be for several more months.

I hope family finds it too Queen Bee.