Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Rabbit is Back, Favorite Headstone

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The Rabbit has been hiding, a bit, for some time now, I was pleased to read on their site this week:

This February, 2012 edition of the Graveyard Rabbits Carnival has us asking you,

"What is your favorite cemetery photograph. One where you are the photographer. Show us the photo!"

I have no idea how many cemetery photos I have, lots! Lots of headstones, gates, and a few mausoleums for good measure.  I even have photos from inside a mausoleum, beautiful windows in that one, whew!  To pick ONE favorite, well, that IS a challenge.

My search started by opening my family history program, and those that follow me, you just have to know what is next - one of those Lashbrook's jumped out at me.  They have a habit of doing that.  LOL

A short back story, Man's 3rd great grandparents came to the US via Canada from England.  They arrived in the Americas around 1830ish, arriving in Canada (family tradition), moving to New York state (proven by research) and around 1843ish they moved to McHenry County Illinois (lots of research proof).

I have researched for thousands of hours on this family, we have visited the 3 churches in England where they were married and many of their children were baptized.  I am genea-obsessed with this family.  Seriously genea-obsessed!

In the fall of 2004 Man and I made a 1 week research stop in McHenry County before a RV Rally.  We hit the libraries (more than one), historical society, courthouse, and many cemeteries!  WOOT!

Man, who basically puts UP with my addiction, but, does not enjoy library or courthouse research, sometimes surprises me with his reactions.  He LOVED the churches in England.  He LOVES seeing signatures of his ancestors.  And, he LOVED doing a rubbing of his 3rd great grandparents headstones.  And, I LOVED that he asked to do the rubbing and I LOVED getting this photo!

* Also snapped that day, Man hugging this headstone!  His idea too!  Woot!

** Please do not look at the tape on the side of the stone, I know, I know.  The ONLY reason we did this is there were NO inscriptions on the side.  It was our first rubbing, we had to make an emergency trip to Wal*Mart to get supplies, AFTER I contacted the Wild Ones to ask HOW to do this.  Seriously newbies.  We purchased the largest art paper we could find, super large crayons and the least sticky painters tape we could find.  Yes, there are better ways to do this, strongly urge you all to find out how before you do as I show you.  Don't do as I show you, do as I suggest, find out the best ways first.  One way would have been to tape several sheets of the art paper together and circle the stone, never allowing the tape to contact the stone.


Linda Hughes Hiser said...

I think I'll just hop on over to the Graveyard Rabbit and give a blog a go today. You gave me the heads up on this one. Thanks!

Carol said...

Looking forward to it Linda!

Karen said...

Nice! It's so much fun to see someone *really* get excited about their ancestors, especially when they are our spouses! lol

Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

I am lucky Mike puts up with my addiction too but actually, I think he enjoys it. At least, that is the only way I can explain that hot morning in Illinois when he spent the better part of an hour digging up my fifth great grandfather's buried tombstone. I didn't ask him to do that, he insisted on it! LOL! Great photo...I think Man could become addicted in the right circumstances!

PalmsRV said...

That encapsulates the joys of genealogy. Wonderful choice!

Lynne Carothers said...

Man rocks!

As my own intensity increases while I march up that genealogy learning curve, I am constantly humbled by the lack thereof from my hubby! He perks up when it is about his side of the family tree but even that can be short-lived. He puts up with the occasional outburst from me when some new fact is learned but he just looks befuddled at my dancing around the room. Where's the passion?
Ooops ... TMI. (tee-hee)

So, when I hear of Man's participation, I can certainly understand your excitement! Tell him "Good dog ... er, Good Man" for me.

Barbara Poole said...

Love the photo and the sweet way you spoke about Man's participation. It's useful to have a helpful Man.

Carol said...

Thanks Karen, I agree, it warms my heart when he "pays" attention! LOL

Lisa, he did all that work digging up that headstone, therefore he gets bonus points! Man is very good with old directories! Found my parents home in Raleigh and even found where my daddy worked! YES! SCORE!

PalmsRV, thank you, agree, it was a pretty good choice!

Lynne, find the thing or things that seem to grab your hubbie's attention, and then push a bit! LOL Take the short lived moments, and pray for more!

Barb, yes, it is useful. Today we discovered some cemetery stone cleaning tools in Big Butt, and I saw this cemetery just down the road, one I did not visit 2 years ago, hmmmmm - - -

E.L. Hunter said...

I got the biggest kick out of this, Carol! Seeing hubby get involved is, for me, amazing! Fun stuff!