Tuesday, February 7, 2012

THE Trip, Custer South Dakota to Sidney Nebraska

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July 9, 2011, it is time to move em out and roll down the road.  We leave Custer with many fond memories and a bit of heartbreak as well, as this is when we lost our Miss Tilly.  She is forever tied to our memories of Custer.

Our destination for the night is somewhere in Nebraska.  As frequently happens, our RVing friends fed us many suggestions on things to see and routes to take.  But, it is HOT again, and we decide we just are not up to any boondocking, we want a campground with power.  Several of the routes suggested could have ended up with us having to boondock, sorry, not this time.  We will add the missed scenery and places to visit to our  bucket list.  And, we are not up to any sightseeing, unless we can see it from the road and comfort of our air conditioned truck.

As we are driving out of Custer, I spied this pooch, you really have to see him, he is just SOOOOOO cute, go have a lookie see, and then come back - -

Off we go, south on US 385, which will be our route all the way, since we have decided to head for Sidney Nebraska.  We will drive about 220 miles.  I spy this wonderful water fall along the road, note, way up at the top, a US flag waving.

I also manage to snap off this photo of this double train track bridge, prairie grasses abound.

Welcome to Nebraska:

MOC friend Jan was chatting to me via Facebook and when she knew the route we were on told me to look out for Courthouse and Jail Rocks near Bridgeport, Nebraska.  I saw them, but, they were a LONG way off, and the best photo I snapped lacks much.  (What a horrible photo, sighhh.)   Another bucket list add, deserves a visit and a stop, which we did not do.

One of the reasons we were not stopping was because we were headed to another MOC Rally, Nebraska style.  So, we had a bit of a deadline.  So, on we trekked.  And, then, in the passenger side view mirror, what do I spy, but, a Montana, towed by this dark red truck.  I said to Man, "MMM, that could be Bob and Mina."  He doubted me until I explained that I knew they were leaving Rapid City that day and were also headed to the Nebraska Rally.  Now, my smart phone is smart, but, Carol is not so much.  Let me explain, I rarely text, Mina does.  LOL  She was texting me, to tell me they were behind us, but, since I had the volume turned down to minimum I did not realize it.  DUH to Carol.

Eventually, we stopped for lunch, and so did Bob and Mina, we chatted, and compared travel notes.  Always fun to visit with MOCers on the road, we ended up stopping at the same campground in Sidney, Cabelas campground.  We even spent a hour or so wandering around Cabelas, enjoying ourselves, even more so, as we all left with our wallets intact and undisturbed.  Unreal, eh??

We would travel to the Nebraska Rally with Bob and Mina, with a stop in Grand Island Nebraska for a couple of days.  Errands and resting will fill a few days before the Rally begins.

* I was rather taken with the way cattle "herd" in this neck of the woods.  Let me explain, in our little corner of the world we have a few milk farms (sorry, but these are nasty smelly obnoxious affairs) or free ranging/wandering, but fenced in herds.  With milk farms, the herds are all bunched into massive barns.  Free ranging herds tend to wander around and the only time I usually see them gathered  in huge groups is when they are marching back to the milk barns for the end of the day milking (or resting under the trees in the heat of the day).  I saw this "herding" phenomenon quite a few times in Nebraska and Iowa.  In the middle of the day, the entire herd gathered tightly together.  OK, maybe it is not weird, but, it struck me as such.  What do I know??  Tee hee, not much!  But, here they are, all "herded" together, with a few stragglers.


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