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Friend of Friends Friday:: Randal, Slave of the Seeds Clan of Isle of Wight County Virginia

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I have been fussing with this transcription all week.  It has been one thing after another, mostly personal errands that kept me away from the computer during the hours of the day that my mind is the most productive.  I started with Transcript, finally printed this page, and still had (having) trouble with it.  So, I am going to post the image of this page, give you some details and tell you where to find the entire file.

This is a Chancery Case of Isle of Wight County, Virginia. I found the images at the Library of Virginia Digital Collections Virginia Memory collection.  The main page for entry into this wealth of genealogical data is here, at the Chancery Records Index.

This 1837 case surrounds the sale of the slave Randal, whose owner had been one William Seeds, deceased.  William died unmarried, but was survived by his mother Amelia Seeds, brother Edmond Seeds and three sisters, Mary (wife of Armstrong Turner), Amelia (wife of Jordan Edwards) and Nancy Seeds (considered an infant).

This specific Chancery Case is Index  Number 1837-005 at the Library of Virginia web site.  It is 7 pages long and stored at this specific URL.

The page I have been trying to transcribe is page 2 of the 7.

This is what I have managed to transcribe, and I make no representation that it is correct.  If you see corrections, please feel free to contact me, all assistance gleefully accepted.  I have not started transcribing the additional pages, including page 3, which I believe is the rest of this first plea to the court.

To the worshipful  the justices of the court of Isle of Wight County in Chancery sitting

Humbly complaining herewith unto your worships, your orators and oratrix Amelia Seeds, Jordan Edwards and Amelia his wife late Amelia Seeds, and Armstrong Turner and Mary his wife late Mary Seeds:  That William Seeds late of this county died sometime about the     day of      without wife or child and intestate, leaving a mother Amelia Seeds, a brother Edmund Seeds, and three sisters Amelia Edwards, wife of your orator Jordan Edwards, Mary Turner, wife of your Orator Armstrong Turner and Nancy Seeds his heirs at law that the said William Seeds deceased was possessed at the time of his death, together with considerable other personal estates, of a negroe slave named Randal, that administration on the estate of the said William Seeds deceased has been duly granted by the worshipful court of this county to the said Edmond Seeds who has ???? himself of that ???  your Orators and Oratrix believes, that this said William Seeds deceased was not at all indebted, at the time of his death, and being desirous of protecting this interest in the said slave Randal to which they are by law entitled, have applied to the said Edmond Seeds, the administrator aforesaid and the said Nancy Seeds for a sale of the said slave for the purpose of a division amongst them.  But, now so if it may it please your worships that the said Edmond Seeds adminstrator as aforesaid, and the said Nancy Seeds, herein after called defendants, have under various fortunes refused:  the said administrator Alledging, that whilst he is willing to account??  your orators and oratrix in the promises in vilotions to their interests, he first ?? then ??? of the other defendant may interpose an objection at this time,and the said Nancy Seeds says that being an infant so far as she understands things she has no consent to give.  All whilst ???? and doings of the said Defendants are contrary to equity and good conscience and ?? greatly

Nancy Seeds was my 3rd great grandmother.


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