Friday, February 24, 2012

THE Trip, Threshers, The Gals Tools

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So, I have shared with you the boys toys from the 35th Annual Camp Creek Machinery and Threshing Show.  Now, gals, it is your turn to ooo and ahhh over the antiques.  Some I so love, and others, frankly, I am SOOO glad I don't have to use!  LOL

First, this washing machine reminds me of my grandmother's machine.

This lady had a wonderful collection of old soap boxes, and yes, I recognize some of those boxes.

Here is a washer that I have NO interest in trying out.  According to the sign, this is a 1893 Sunshine Wooden washing machine.  I snooped around a bit in Google Patents looking for something similar, and could not find anything with this wooden 4 legged swisher thingy on the top of this machine.  (How's that for a techy description??)  Oh, yea, after looking at some of those patents, I am so happy with my little Spendide combo washer/dryer!  See image below.

That said, I would sooooo take this display of clothes pins and hang it as a piece of art in my home.

So, ladies, anyone want to travel back and time and try doing your laundry with some of these, mmm, relics??  No???  Really??  Snicker!

*  My Spendide washer/dryer combo in Tana.  See me smile!  WOOT!!



Barbara Poole said...

Loved your photos and this post was more interesting to me that the one for the guys. (Fortunately, it doesn't bring back too many memories.)

GrannyPam said...

I washed in a Maytag wringer washer for years, and hung my laundry out using the more modern versions of the clothes pins. I actually enjoyed it. The best thing, I could control how long the clothes washed, so the dirty ones got very clean. Love the smell of sheets and towels hung on the line, and miss that a lot.

I do have a energy efficient front loader now, but I often forget that I am washing and it takes me days to finish!

irisheyes jennifer said...

Great photos! Those washing machines are remarkable. I had no idea Maytag produced such a machine. Guess I can no longer complain about anything on laundry day. :):)

Nita said...

We've come a long way since those days! And Carol, I really miss my Splendide Combo too! Even though I have the energy efficient front loader in my home, I loved doing my laundry while in the Montana. Thanks for the great pictures!

Myrna said...

Oh my!! Brought back lots of memories. I grew up using a wringer washer... even boiled the dirty hankies on the stove before washing them and of course everything had to be ironed!! When first married, used a wringer washer in the back yard of the apartments and hung everything up to dry. I was grateful I had learned how to use it. LOL how times have changed.