Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Heads Up on Comments, Around Blogger World

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Blogger has obviously made some changes.

Trying to leave a comment??  Cannot find the captcha or publish buttons??

They added a scroll thingy.  Here are two images, same comment box.  First what you see when you start typing your comment.  See that scroll bar to the right??  Ya, that one!

And,  after pulling down the scroll bar, there we find captcha and publish button.   (Noting I did not capture the scroll thingy in this image, sorry, it was over there on the right, same as above.)

So, if you have been confused and cannot seem to find the captcha letters or the publish button on some of the blogs you are reading, look over there to the right, scroll down.  Ta Da.

Have a great day.



Barbara Poole said...

Okay, let's see what this is all about. Another thing to confuse me, I think. Thanks for the post.

Carol said...

Don't panic, just watch for the scroll thingy! :-)

Kathy Reed said...

I noticed that and since I am expecting a captcha thingy, I had no problem. But I keep thinking about the random visitor to our blogs. How would they know to look for it?

Carol said...

Ah ha, tis the problem Kathy, it is not very transparent is it??

Maybe adjust the instructions we have posted, yes, maybe I will do that.

Kristin said...

I think there are too many scroll downs. If someone isn't a dedicated commentor I don't think they would be bothered. If only the powers that be would quit "improving" things.

Carol said...

Agree Kristin, in the meantime, I have changed the wording in my comment area, hopefully the not so dedicated will read it and scroll. SIGH

Jo said...

I noticed a few changes to Blogspot blogs in the last couple of weeks - mainly that some now won't allow me to leave a comment using my Wordpress ID, including yours. It flashes up the Captcha briefly then goes back to the comment. Improvements :-( Jo (ImagesPast)

Jo said...

Quick update on my commenting problem, Carol. It seems that it's to do with the new threaded comments software, according to the Blogger help forum, so if you've seen a drop in comments it might be worth going back to Full Screen or Pop Up rather than Embed in the meantime. Jo :-)

Carol said...

Thank you Jo for the information on this.

First, it does not surprise me that Wordpress and Blogger won't talk to each other. It irritates the heckie doo out of me, I have had trouble with Wordpress comments for a very long time. It has been so bad that there are blogs that I never tried to leave comments on and in fact, a few that I stopped following them from the frustration, because no matter what I did Wordpress would not allow me to leave a comment.

Now, I have a Wordpress account for backing up Reflections only and I have not had as many issues.

Can we spell F*R*U*S*T*R*A*T*I*O*N???

Chattering and comments to me are a very important part of the blogging experience, so, I will, as you suggest, revisit this issue.