Tuesday, February 7, 2012

And - - Sigh - - For Now, Off With the Threads

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NOOOOOOOO, not your clothing, this is a family act, no nudists allowed, however, if you must, keep the shades drawn.  Thank you.

OHH, what I mean, is off with the embedded threads.  I love em, most you seem to love em, but, WordPress does NOT love em.

If my readers cannot comment without having to sign out of their preferred ID or format, or, if they must use only Chrome when they love IE, then, Reflections is NOT happy.  Now, Reflections still prefers Blogger, even with ALL it's issues. And, Reflections LOVES Chrome, I have never had such stall free, trouble free surfing.  Firefox was a fail for me, and IE, aka, Bloatware, all I can say, err, ask, is why did I wait so long to dump IE??

Nothing stays the same, so, next year I may be disillusioned with Blogger, and IE may be back in the graces of many (ya, that will be the day).  In the meantime, I try to make Reflections as fun and entertaining and easy for you, my readers, to comment on as I can.

So, for now, threaded comments are going on a vacation.

Here is a thread at Blogger Help that discusses this in more detail than many of you may care about.



Lori E said...

My frustration level has grown, as you well know, with this comment situation.
I really wish Blogger had done more complete testing before rolling out the change.
Imagine how many bloggers out there have suddenly had their comments drop to low levels and they have no idea why.

irisheyes jennifer said...

I am dazed and confused by this situation, not to mention annoyed. I don't understand why some people can post comments, and others cannot.

Thank you for discussing this matter Carol. After reading your post, I once again changed my settings, and I'm still not sure it will work properly, so I'm still...

Dazed and confused, but trying to eke out a smile,

Carol said...

Lori, I am frustrated as well. We were both being advised of trouble in Blogger comment land about the same time. Your post yesterday just reinforced my take on this mess.

One of my readers, Jo, mentioned this to me yesterday AM. Up until she contacted me I had no idea. And, thank you Jo, because I know you went to a bit of trouble to leave comments about this situation.

Jennifer, dazed, confused and annoyed, YES, we all are. Those are the printable words, I have some that are a bit more colorful to describe this.

But, as with many things Google, it will correct itself, or not. And, we will do what we feel we need to do with the choices presented, what is right for us and for our readers.