Thursday, February 9, 2012

This N That, Some of This is IMPORTANT

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Reflections and Man have been a bit busy this week, running errands and other life stuff.  A long walk here and there, and by the end of the day, I seem to have enough energy left to format a few pages of the next book I am working on for the Lenawee County Family Researchers, and not much else.  I read blogs and Google+ and Facebook, and always seem to find some great articles, I found several this week that had great hints for me and where I am with technology, or need/want to go with technology.

I note with humble joy that I have added several new followers in the last few weeks, welcome and come back often, thanks for following.

Now, the REALLY important stuff:

Social Security Death Index, major news about that all over the net, blogisphere and GeneaBloggers.  Here is a link, seriously, if you have not followed a single link I have ever put here on Reflections and you are a family researcher, then for cripes sake,

And, for fun for our researchers - - the 1940 census comes to a web site near you April 2nd!  Indexing will NOT be available on April 2nd.  But, you too can get in on the fun and help index.  I have not done any indexing at FamilySearch to date, as I have saved my volunteer energy for the Lenawee County Family Researchers, they have more work for me to do than I will be able to accomplish in my lifetime.  However, I will be doing some of this indexing, what an opportunity, expand my learning curve, learn more about technology, help researchers for years to come!  What is NOT to like here??  WOOT.  

And, now, Man and I are off for a lunch with good RVing friends, laughter, possibly some planning of next winter's winter get aways, and who knows what else - - 



Lynne Carothers said...

Petition is signed and I have passed the info from Thomas MacEntee onward on Facebook. Hope it helps in some small way. I will contemplate indexing. I've done it before for

Enjoy your lunch with friends!

Carol said...

Thanks Lynne!