Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gulf State Park, Gulf Shores Alabama, Another New Critter, WAYYY Up There

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Not long after my post, Gulf State Park, Gulf Shores Alabama, A New Critter Sign, I was contacted by Grant Brown, Director of Recreation and Cultural Affairs for the city of Gulf Shores, who just so happens to be a friend of the artist, Gene Hoagland.  Gene stopped by Tana the other day, tried to get Man to trade the new ride (Big Butt's Big Brother, real name STILL undetermined) for $1.00 and Gene's truck.  Man, did not jump at that deal, hmmmm, wonder why?

At any rate Gene told me "something big" would be added to the park Saturday, February 25th and that we would need a telephoto lens to get a photo of it because we could not walk to it.  Gene said, it will be talked about around the park.  When I indicated I would  LOVE to get a photo, he asked, do you have a telephoto lens??   No, but, I have Sony and a 20 zoom lens.

Gene seems like a fun guy and he really knows how to tease and spark interest.  I promptly dropped an email to our friends Donna and John and we made plans to go out for lunch on Saturday and then go hunting for Gene's surprise.

After lunch we decided to walk one of the trails here in the park.  With the hints from some others enjoying the trails, it was suggested we go have a look way up in some trees by a playground in the park.  It was a rather long walk, but, lookie here, Man, a pine tree and wayyyyyyyy up there, what is that dark blob??

Zoom it Sony:

Try a zoom from another angle:


When Gene dropped by I was so surprised that I neglected to ask him what he calls his art and how he does it.  I'll be stopping by Gene to ask you a few more questions.



Barbara Poole said...

Wonder how it got it up there. Carol, you are so up-to-date with this post.

Lynne Carothers said...

Gene is certainly a Gulf State Park treasure! His artwork has added to the environment in such fun ways. This place is certainly on our long timer bucket list!

Thanks for sharing.

Carol said...

Barbara, I believe they used a bucket lifter truck.

Lynne, he sure is! Oh, call for reservations when you come!