Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ole - What RVing GeneaBloggers Do on a Rainy Day

Other evening as I sat here working on the ever present pile of papers on my desk, I received a surprise email from Becky over at kinexxions.  Becky asks, "aren't you somewhere near Pensacola??"  She continues,  "I am too, shall we lunch??"  (No, those are not her exact words, I am taking some editorial priviledge here.)

But, of course we shall lunch!

Becky writes a wonderful blog, she calls herself a  "GeneaHistorian".  (LOVE that!) She is currently basically a full time RVer, traveling in her mini van, with tent, computer, camera and cooler (that is the abbreviated list, but of course).  She is traveling and seeing the USA.  And, she takes wonderful photos, which you just know really get my attention.

So, we have the RVing, the photography, and the Genea-Blogger thing in common, we sure won't lack for things to chat about, will we?

We met at Vallarta Mexican Restaurant, on the west side of Pensacola.

The food was good, the company was great.  What a wonderful way to spend a rainy afternoon. 

Thanks Becky for remembering that Man and I were in the area. 


*Man took a photo of Becky and Moi, it is on his phone. He is feeling a tad under the weather with a nasty sore throat and, well, that photo will be there till he feels better!!

** Graphic courtesy of

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TennLady said...


Thomas MacEntee said...

I can't wait to see the photos! I think it is great that you were able to meet up.

Nita said...

You meet so many interesting people out here! You can almost always find some thread of common interest in those you meet up with! Glad you enjoyed your lunch and hope Man feels better soon!

lindalee said...

How cool is this! Maybe we can meet up someday Carol.

Carol said...

I certainly hope so Linda. I certainly hope so!

Karen said...

Fun!! Holler if you ever pass through Minnesota!

Carol said...

Karen, LOVE Minnesota, Man's Lashbrook clan lived Minneapolis. I had a BLAST researching here a few years ago. That Mall and Ikea just about did me in tho! LOL If we get back, I'll surely give ya a hollar!