Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Flipside, an Unspoken Challenge, RFTF's Response

Linda over at Flipside did it again.  She posted this great photo of a nest in a tree, her's is a squirrel nest.  Linda posts, I visit, I feel the challenge, hmmmmmm, I have something so similiar - - -

My offering is that of what I believe is an Osprey nest.  (John, is that right??)

This nest and at least one more are over near the entrance of the camping area at Gulf State Park, Gulf Shores, Alabama (CR 2 entrance).  Photos taken January 19, 2010.

Here is another nest, very close to the first:

These dead trees stand where Hurricane Ivan flooded the state park.  The sea water killed a lot of vegetation.  New growth is coming, but these skeletons are strong reminders of the wrath of Mother Nature on a REALLY bad day.

There is quite a long page over at Wikipedia on Osprey.  Interesting reading.  This fabulous photo of an osprey was found at this web site about the Ashley National Forest

*Thanks Linda for the challenges and the opportunity to share some of my other photos.  Note to others:  Linda has not issued an official challenge.   However, Linda and I share many afflictions, errr, hobbies, so for her to mentally challenge me is sorta a natural.  I totally feel challenged by her photos, they are terrific and spur me on to hopefully better photos.

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lindalee said...

Ah ha....a throw down photography wise....TOO COOL!!! We REALLY do have to meet sometime. Getting any warmer down there????

Joan said...

Carol, Loved the pictures --- the nest in the snags. Very nice pictures. Eagles and osprey abound here in our neck of the woods, so I am always looking for their nests. Every once in a while, in the summer I am treated to watching a young osprey practicing their fishing technique.

Thanks for sharing.

Nita said...

Great pictures Carol! What a magnificent bird!

Carol said...

Thanks everyone,

Nita, I really wish I had taken that great photo of the Osprey. Now, that really would have been something. All the credit goes to that web site. I did not see any birds there when I took the photos, and I was looking hard! LOL

Joan, Get photos of your young Osprey. We all want to see!

Linda, not any warmer, really, and guess what, they say it is gonna rain AGAIN. The grass here in the campground has not been dry in well over 6 weeks, maybe more like 8 weeks. The sunny days are such bonus days, we SOAK up the warmth those days. LOL

Donna said...

Yes I belive those are osprey nests. Last spring we could see the adults fishing and taking food to their young in a nest within sight of our site. (Still too far away to get good pictures though.)