Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday, Holsinger, Four Generations

This is the Holsinger Cemetery near Broadway, Rockingham County, Virginia.  This is the entire cemetery, noting that most researchers and historians are fairly sure there are additional graves here, unmarked. According to Rockingham County researcher, J. Robert Swank, the last burial was around 1900, Linda Holsinger, no stone marks her grave.

The inscription of the memorial marker reads:
Holsinger Cemetery
David From Germany
Michael Died 1819 Married Barbara in Germany
Peter Died 1855 in 83rd Year His Wife Elizabeth
Acres from Valentine Sevier
August 15, 1773

Blessed are the Pure In Heart

This memorial marker was erected in 1967 by Carson F. Holsinger, Earl C. Holsinger, Everett F. Holsinger and Dr. James R. Holsinger.

David Holsinger is my 6th great-grandfather.  No visible stone.

Michael, died 1819, is my 5th great-grandfather. No visible stone.

Peter, died 1855 is my 4th great-grandfather.  His stone is in pretty sad shape.

The inscription reads:
{Rests the body}
Peter Holsinger
Who Died January
31, 1855 in the
83 year of his age
My {bed} is long
My grave is deep
Ere tell judgement I
must sleep.

Also buried in the Holsinger Cemetery is my 3rd great-grandfather, John Holsinger.

Our Father
John Holsinger
Dec 3, 1890
74 yrs, 7 mos
5 ds
To Him, we trust, a place is given,
Among the saints with C{hrist in}

The cemetery is represented at Find A Grave here.

The plot is in an open field and is said to have originally covered about 125 x 150 feet, and here lie 4 generations of my greats.

*  Words with {     } around them are believed to be correct, but, as you can see from the photos, they are rather hard to read.

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